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New songs

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photo by Claes Jansson

New music on a Live DVD/Album...why not? On No Place Like Home - The Concert, we have two brand new songs. The first one is an almost ambient sounding tune called Valleys and Fields and was recorded on the spot at Reginateatern on the night we recorded the concert. The second one is called Chasing a Dream and quite frankly, what I'm telling you at the show is nothing but a lie. As I announce it on the show I'm informing you guys it's a part of a big epic (which is true) but I'm afraid it won't end up on our next album. This means this is the only chance you can hear the song in this very version. Who knows, maybe we'll record the whole song for a future album?

We recorded Chasing a Dream at Studio Kjellaren in Uppsala, which is (was) a brand new studio together with sound engineer Kjell Sandberg. The reason is that he came up with an offer we couldn't refuse. Normally you put a "bonus track" after the actual show but why do something in a "normal way"? We placed the song where it was on the setlist and imho it works just fine. I think it comes as a pleasant change in the middle of the concert and I don't think it feels weird at all (but then again that's just me).

To make the recording of Chasing a Dream work since it's a Live DVD/Album, we decided to keep the feeling of a live recording as much as possible. What you hear is the five of us singing and playing. No layers of sound, no subtle themes, no counter melodies or cool sound effects. It's just the band rocking out in the studio. It's very straight forward (even though the complexity of the song) raw and powerful and I like it...a lot!

You can order No Place Like Home - The Concert at: https://hfmcband.com/shop
Or why not buy it at our Release Party at Happy Duck in Uppsala on friday the 1st of September. The event starts at around 6 pm.

expect the unexpected!

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photo by momodisson

Always expect the unexpected! I have to say I'm happy with our performance on our upcoming Live DVD/Album called No Place Like Home but obviously the gig wasn't free from hassle. All of a sudden I could hear weird noises from my guitar rig which of course was frustrating with the recording and cameras and all. If you think of the fact that I had my Gold Top tuned and overhauled two weeks prior to the show it's no wonder I blame the sudden noises on my pedalboard in the dressing room after the concert (as you can see on the DVD). However I was wrong. I had my darling sent to an electrician to measure the electricity. He managed to find the problem and solve it.

When I'm on stage I want to reach the point where I don't think, I just do. It's like you have a force inside you that you need to get out and the less obstacles there is, the more power it gets. When I watch and listen to the DVD I think I was able to handle this technichal issue in a professional way as I'm able to keep my focus throughout the show. What can you learn from this? Probably nothing except for that it doesn't matter how well prepared you are. Always expect the unexpected!

No Place Like Home - The Concert
comes in a beautiful Digipack cover and includes 1 DVD, 2 CD:s, a 12-page booklet and is available in both PAL and NTSC format.

いつも予想外なことを予想するんだ!これから発売される「No Place Like Home」というライブDVD/アルバムの、僕たちのパフォーマンスについてはとてもハッピーなんだけれど、明らかにライブは面倒なことから逃れられなかったよ。まったく突然、僕のギターの機材から妙なノイズが聞こえてきて、それは勿論レコーディングやカメラや、すべてにとってイライラさせるものだった。僕のGold Top(ギター)はショウの2週間前に調整・整備されたという事実を考えたら、僕がコンサート後の楽屋で、ペダルボードに突然のノイズの責任を負わせたのは無理もない(DVDで見られるようにね)。でも僕は間違っていたんだ。電気の対策をするために、僕の愛しいギターを電気技師に送った。彼は問題を見つけて、それを解決することができたんだよ。





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How come you forget so fast? Gone are the sleepless nights, the stress, the not working bounces, the missed deadlines etc. This has indeed been an ambitious project and now all that is left is how fun we've had making this DVD/Album and the memories are now in bright colours. Strange but I guess that's how we work (as human beings that is).

What makes a good live recording? Apart from the obvious, like playing and singing the right notes in the right rythm and you put some feeling into it...I'd say chemistry. Considering we're just about to release our Live DVD/Album called No Place Like Home, I can inform you there's lots of psychology going on between the bandmembers during a concert. We do not only feed on each others sounds, we also feed on everyones energy regardless we're aware of it or not. By now I've been playing in lots of bands and I can honestly say when it comes to HFMC, the energy we mediate on stage is 100% natural thanks to the chemistry in the band. We love to get up there and when I look and listen to No Place Like Home it's quite obvious, we really like to play music together.

No Place Like Home comes in a beautiful Digipack cover and includes 1DVD, 2CD:s and a 12-page booklet.


何がよいライブレコーディングを作るのか?明らかなもの、正確なリズムの中で演奏や歌がちゃんとした音を出し、その中に何かフィーリングを込める、といったこと以外に・・・ケミストリーだと思うんだ。「No Place Like Home」というライブDVDをリリースしようとしているのを考えると、たくさんの心理的なことがコンサートの間中、バンドメンバーの間で行き来していた、と言うことができる。お互いの音を補い合っただけではなく、僕たちはメンバー一人一人のエネルギーも補強し合っていたんだ、それに気付いていたかどうかは関係なくね。今までたくさんのバンドでプレイしてきて、HFMCについて正直に言えば、ステージ上で生まれてやりとりしたエネルギーは、バンド内のケミストリーのおかげで100%ナチュラルなものだよ。僕らはステージに上がるのが大好きだし、「No Place Like Home」を視聴すると一目瞭然で、僕たちは本当に一緒に演奏するのが好きなんだ。

「No Place Like Home」は美しいデジパックで、1DVDと2CD、そして12ページのブックレットが付いてるよ。

thanks to TFK FC Japan


No Place Like Home プレオーダー開始!

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ライブDVD「No Place Like Home」のプレオーダーがもう始まっています。



The Concert

Category : Hasse's Blog
Photo by Calle Lindh

It took about 300 hours to mix the audio recording of our upcoming Live DVD/albums No Place Like Home. I'm afraid that ain't much compared to the time Kicki Holmén put in editing the visuals for the DVD or Thomas Schons work as a technichal advisor. When I look at it I can only state that Kicki probably knows the songs better than we do, as I find the editing very musical. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much Kicki and Thomas for joining us on this long and crazy ride and for delivering the work that you've done!

I'm not sure I want to namedrop old Live albums but here we go. No comparisons otherwise but the level of energy on No Place Like Home has more in common with Live albums like, let's say Yes Songs or The Ramones It's Alive, than for instance the more slick sounding Seconds Out by Genesis or Peter Frampton Comes Alive. All of them nice Live recordings in their own right of course but I just thought I'd give you a hint. In my book this sounds like HFMC Live and it should work just fine for Flower Kings fans as well as old Spellbound fans so now you know.

No Place Like Home - The Concert
Comes in a nice Digipack cover that includes 1 DVD, 2 CD:s and a 12-page booklet.
Release date: 1/9 2017
Preorders: 28/7 2017
First 100 orders at our soon to be ready webshop at hfmcband.com will get a signed copy by all HFMC members. Stay tuned!

これからリリースするライブDVD/アルバム「No Place Like Home」のオーディオミックスに300時間かかったんだ。恐れながら、Kicki HolménがDVDの映像面を編集をほどこした時間、あるいはThomas Schonが技術アドバイザーとして働いた時間に比べたら、たいしたことではないんだ。僕が(DVDを)見るとき、Kickiはおそらく、僕たちよりも曲をよく知っているんだ、としか言えないね、僕はその編集がとても音楽的だと感じたから。心の底から、KickiとThomasには、この長くてクレイジーな道のりに参加してくれたことと、彼らが成し遂げた仕事ぶりに感謝するよ!

自分が古いライブアルバムを上げて自慢したいのか分からないけど、やってみよう。他の点では比べものにならないけれど、エネルギーレベルでは、「No Place Like Home」はこんなライブアルバム、例えるならば、Genesis / Seconds OutやPeter Frampton / Frampton Comes Aliveのような、より洗練された音よりは、Yes / Yessongsか、The Ramones / It’s Aliveのようだよ。これらすべては彼らの正しい方針の内にある素晴らしいレコーディングだけど、君たちにヒントをあげようと思うんだ。僕の意見では、これ(DVD)はまさしくHFMCのライブそのもので、TFKのファンや古いSpelllboundのファンも気に入るはずさ、聞けば納得するよ。


No Place Like Home 発売日決定!

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ライブDVD「No Place Like Home」の発売日が決まりました!!





1. Seconds - Intro 01:53
2. Can't Stop the Clock 07:05
3. Everything Can Change 05:08
4. Godsong 04:53
5. Pages 15:27
6. Valleys and Fields 02:28 (Previously unreleased)
7. Song for July 04:49
8. Chasing a Dream 07:47 (Previously unreleased)
9. Genius 06:50
10. Something Worth Dying For 05:10
11. In the Warmth of the Evening 10:33
12. Life Will Kill You 04:06
13. Fallen Empire 10:33
14. Venice CA 04:48
15. Stardust We Are 04:25
16. Someone Else's Fault 01:41


HP: http://spellboundjp.web.fc2.com/


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