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tribute to Freddie

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My little tribute to Freddie.
I wrote this song about 6 years ago after I've read a biograhpy on Freddie Mercury (a pretty lousy one actually). However his life as described in the book made a deep impression on me. Guess the reason is their music had a huge impact on me while I was a teenager in the seventies. I also saw them twice (78 and in 86) which also resulted in this piece of music. This song "came to me" retroactively and yes you're right, the music doesn't sound like Queen at all but the lyrics is like a short story of Freddies life based upon the (not so fantastic) biography I just told you about.

I have lots to say about Queen but anyway, little did I know that their song Bohemian Rhapsody would become a movie and the song itself would end up the most played tune throughout the world 2018. Over 40 years after it was released. On top of that their anthem sounding songs fills sport stadiums and arenas all over the world still. Here's the song Genius taken from the self titled album HFMC (2015). A wonderful saturday to all!

The video was made by: Kicki Holmén and Thomas Schön.

僕がこの曲を書いたのが6年前。丁度Freddie Mercuryのバイオ本を読んだ後だったんだ(内容は酷かったけどね)。でもそこに書かれていた彼の人生にはとても感銘を受けたよ。きっと彼らの音楽そのものが僕が70年代の時ティーンエイジャーだった時に大きな影響の一つだったからだろうね。78年と86年にQUEENを見たんだ。その結果がこの曲にも表れているよ。この曲は遡って僕のところに来たんだ。そう、音楽そのものは全然QUEENっぽくないんだ。でも歌詞はFreddieの人生について書いたんだ(あまり良くない)あのバイオを元にね。

QUEENに関しては言いたいことがたくさんあるけど、"Bohemian Rhapsody"は映画となり、2018年世界中でもっともプレイされた曲だろう。世に出てから40年経った今。今でも、世界中のスポーツアリーナや球場で流れるアンセムの最高峰だ。2015年に出したHFMCから"Genius"を。良い土曜を!

和訳:The Flower Kings Fan Club Japan

Planetary Overloadプレオーダー情報

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Hasse Fröbergがゲスト参加しているUnited Progressive Fraternity「Planetary Overload」のプレオーダーが始まっています。こちらのサイトからどうぞ。ちなみに発売日は4月19日です。

Giant Electric Pea

日本で注文すると、送料込みで£17.25でした。サイン入りをオーダーすると£4ほど高くなります。(誰のサインが入るかは知らない(^^;)。多分Mark Truey Trueackだと思う)

Planetary OverloadとUnited Progressive Fraternity

HFMC/TFK Revisitedのライブ情報

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HFMC、今年の10月にイギリスで開催されるSummer's End festival に出演が決まっております。


The Flower Kings Revisitedでは、現時点で6月のイギリスとオランダ、8月のフランスが決まっています。他にあるかも知れないけど、こっちは真面目に追いかけてないっす。今でも辛いんすよ・・・。

6月21日、ZoetermeerのCultuurpodium Boerderijという会場です。

6月22日、Midsummer Prog Festivalに出演。Valkenburg aan de Geulの Openluchttheater Valkenburgという会場で行われます。野外劇場のようですね。



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The last time music had such an impact on me was when I saw Charles Bradley at the South by South West Festival in Austin back in 2015. That gig might have been a little bit more about the performance and Charles stage presence (RIP) even if his version of the Black Sabbath song 'Changes' ripped the heart right of my body, everytime the horn section came in when they hit the chorus. 10CC was fantastic last night but this show was ALL about the music. The arrangements (specially the vocals) was "laser sharp", the sound was chrystal clear and the music sounded overall better live than on record (which is fantastic if you consider all the details in their music). From time to time I could feel there was something wet in my eyes - yes it was that good!


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2018 did not turn out the way I expected but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. Okay I was 100% sure we'd released our fourth HFMC studio album anddone a tour by now but I guess some of you've noticed those things didn't happen. On the other hand I recorded vocals for Roines latest effort 'Manifesto of an Alchemist' and the coming album by United Progressive Fraternity called 'Planetary Overload', which deals with the environmental issues that we all face as a united world.
I've also been busy playing live this autumn, doing 3 festivals with HFMC + some extensive touring in South America and northern Europe with The Flower Kings Revisited. Looking back at it, all shows has been a joyful experience.

Right now my number one priority is to round off the HFMC recording in style and start to deal with all the stuff that comes along with an album release. I've said it before and I'll say it again, stay tuned for info on the coming "beast". Well last but not least, on this sunny and beautiful winter day, from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a splendid 2019!!!

Thanks for the photos Tom!

2018年は僕が期待したようにはならなかったけど、それは必ずしも悪いって意味にはならないよ。OK、今頃はHFMCの4枚目のスタジオアルバムをリリースして、ツアーを終えていると100%確信していたんだ、でも君たちの一部は気付いてると思うけど、それらは起こらなかった。一方、Roineの最新作「Manifesto of an Alchemist」と、これから出るUnited Progressive Fraternityによるアルバム「Planetary Overload」に歌を入れたよ。(後者は)僕たちみんなが繋がっている世界が直面している環境問題について扱っているんだ。
この秋はライブでプレイするのにも忙しかったね、HFMCで3つのフェスに出たし、The Flower Kings Revisitedと一緒に、南アメリカと北ヨーロッパと広範囲にツアーをした。振り返ると、すべてのショウが楽しい経験だったな。



2月に出る予定のUnited Progressive Fraternity「Planetary Overload」についての記事はこちら。どこで買えるのかはわからなーい(^^;)

TFK Revisited Tour その2

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ヨーロッパツアーはSpock's Beardと一緒に廻りました。

11月30日 (Norway)
@CosmopoliteNorway. Tonight The Flower Kings Revisited and Spocks Beard. Just heard from the promotor there's only a very few tickets left. What a great way to kick off the European tour!

12月2日 (Sweden)
Two sold out shows in Oslo and Stockholm and lots of smiling faces. Tonight it's time for KB in Malmö and this one is looking really good too. Glad for Jonas since it's his "himmaplan" or at least it used to be. We're on at 20:00 sharp. Hope to see you!

12月4日 (Germany)
The Scandinavian part of the tour is now complete and our show at KB in Malmö turned out just as good as the others (except for Roines pedalboard which didn't have a good show at all). Today we woke up in a sunny Bochum in Germany. As a matter of fact the club Zeche is one of the venues we played together with Spocks Beard back in 1999 so it feels a bit special. Ladies and Gentleman, hope to see you at Zeche in Bochum tonight!

12月5日 (Switzerland)
Thank you Zeche for a fabulous tuesday evening in Bochum. A great turnout and an even greater vibe, it sure feels as if we and Spocks are on to something. And now to something completely different. I know the date is a bit weird but do yourself the favour and get yourself a good and healthy dose of music after Christmas and before we celebrate New Year. Hope to see you at the Crosslands Festival on 18-12-29 (see banner below). But before that we have some TFK and SB shows to take care of. Tonight it's time for Z7 in Pratteln (Schwitzerland).

12月6日 (France)
Z7 Pratteln is too good to be true. The stage and sound and light system is out of this world. The food is fantastic and they even have washing machines! On top of that we once again played to a great and supportive audience. THANK YOU! Tonight we're going to rock La Machine in beautiful Paris. Hope to see you!

12月7日 (The Netherlands)
Air drumming in the audience, converted jazz fans (to prog), no encore because of the curfew (which always is very early in big European cities like for instance Paris). Well...Paris is Paris and I love it! It was once again a big crowd but not like tonight. Tonight it's time for a sold out de Boerderij in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. A faboulus weekend to all!

12月9日 (The united Kingdom - London)
The Netherlands WOW! Two shows, Zoetermeer (black and white pic) and Hedon (in colour), two fine shows, two fantastic venues and two wonderful audiences. Well what can I say except for thank you! By the way, just a reminder. I'll be back in The Netherlands on the 29th of December since I'm playing at the Crosslands Festival in Ulft with HFMC. Right now I'm in London since we have two more gigs to take care of. First up is Islington Assembly Hall here in London and tomorrow it's time for Academy Club in Machester. (Psst...doesn't the black and white photo remind you a little bit of Seconds Out). Anyway it feels good to be back in England again. Can't wait to see you guys!

12月10日 (The united Kingdom - Manchester)
Thank you big time Islington Assembly Hall. You were outstanding last night! For me it's always a bit special to play in the UK. I guess it has something to do with the fact that Anglo Saxon music was such a big part of my musical upbringin. I mean it's almost like the musical legacy is in the walls of the venues. And tonight it's time for the last gig of this tour. Academy Club/Manchester here we come!

Thank you so much for the deliverance last night Academy Club, Manchester. Right now I'm in the bunk on my way to Dover with The Faces song 'Glad and Sorry' in my headphones. I think I'm not saying too much if I say we had a good run. Now it's time to deal with the hangover. Over and out.//Hasse

Spock'sのライブが終わった後、2バンド合同で"Hey Jude"を演奏しました。下の貼った動画はMalmö公演で、ドラムは Zoltan Csörszが叩いています。

TFK Revisited Tour その1

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11月19日 (Chili)
Thank you so very much Buenos Aires. Tonight it's time for us to play at Teatro Nescafe (a beautiful theatre) in Santiago. This one is for you Jaime! (By the way, just tasted sweet potato chips for the first time-sensationally good 'Buka Mix'!!!)

元の記事ではBuka Mixの写真がアップされています。向こうの「おさつスナック」みたいな物でしょうか?この記事を見て、2013年にTFKが来日した時、Hasseが「わさビーフ」に異様に反応していたのを思い出しました。

First I want to thank everyone involved including the audience in our show at the Nescafe theatre in Santiago Chile. Thank you big time! After I've spent an evening (late dinner) and a couple of hours in Lima today I can say I like it very much (except for the traffic which is brutal). It's a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, at least in the part of town where we're staying, that I like a lot. The pics are from the hotel in Santiago except for the photo of Santa that were taken in Peru maybe half an hour ago. Right now I'm really looking forward for tonights show in Teatro de la Panata (I hope I got it right).

11月23日 (Peru)
Yesterday we truly experienced the travel day from hell. Today we woke up in a sunny Guadalajara (justice at last). First of all I want to thank Lima/Peru in all kinds of ways but maybe first the audience. Even though the venue wasn't that crowded you could really feel that they had waited a long time to hear this. The people I talked to after the show expressed their gratitude in all kinds of ways and such a thing makes you humble. Before we head out to C3Stage for the soundcheck there'll be an hour by the pool. Hope to see some Guadalajaran Progfans tonight!

11月24日 (Mexico)
As the rest of the tour the audience in Guadalajara was very emotional. There was one big difference though, they were loud. No they were super loud and when they started to chant THE FLOWER KINGS at the end of the show it sounded majestic. Tonight the last show of the South American/Mexican leg of the tour at the Auditorio BlackBerry. Now we "just" have to end this tour on s high note. Cheers!

11月25日 (Mexico)
Didn't realize the dizzyness and the way it was rough to fill the lungs with air while singing was because Mexico City is placed so high above the sea level. Dizzy or not the gig went well. The venue and the staff was absolute fantastic (and Max who did monitors should be the rolemodell for his profession). The audience was lovely and the gig actually turned out to be the perfect way to end this part of the tour. As you can see there's a sunny morning over here and the flight back home isn't until this evening, so now it's time to check out a bit of Mexico City (it's been 17 years since we played here the last time for crying out loud)!

Mexico Cityの標高は2,250m。ちなみにUppsalaの標高は15mだそうです。空気が薄いことを書いていますね。この記事で、昔のバンドメイトJJ Marshが「だから彼らはコカの歯を噛んでるんだよ」コメントを付けていて、ぎょっとしましたが、コカの葉は高山病に効くのだそうです。(日本では違法ですよ)

The South American and Mexican fans was just as warm and welcoming as I remember them to be, so once again thank you big time! I also feel an urge to direct a humonguous thank you to Germann and Carlos from Matrix Entertainment and Rob Palmen at Glassville Productions for making things happen. Last but not least I want to thank the youngsters Zach and Mirkko for delivering "vintage classic" Prog as there was no tomorrow.
Now on friday we''ll start the European dates of the tour that we're doing together with the mighty Spocks Beard. First up is Oslo and then we'll spend the weekend in Scandinavia with gigs in Stockholm and Malmö before we're heading out on the European continent. For more info feel free to check out: https://www.roinestolt.com/

Hope to see you!


HP: http://spellboundjp.web.fc2.com/


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