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Week 21!

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Today is my first day in shorts this season and it's a marvellous feeling. One thing that's even more marvellous, is the feedback I got on my last blog. It seems like everybody has a relation to Queen (73-78). I got some comments and lots of messages, about the love you guys out there have for that band. One thing that worries me though, is that all of you seems to expect a Queen sounding album. In my ears, the material does'nt sound like Queen at all. What I said, was that I was impressed by the way they used their talent. They got 110% out of each member, during those albums. In my opinion, I think they actually composed and played even beyond their capability. The point with me analyzing this, was that no matter what kind of song they recorded, you immediately heard it was Queen. That's the same thing I'm going for with HFMC. A 3 minute pop song or a 15 minute symphonic prog/rock tune, you should hear it's us. With this said, I think this case is closed.

Week 21! that's when the recording starts (if Uppsala can supply our rehearsal studio with electricity that is! Otherwise we have to go barbershop?). We got 5 days to lay down drums, bass, rythmguitars/twin lead melodies, Hammond organ, I mean sounds that feels good in a big room. Petrus (our sound engineer) will push the button that says record. I will count to 4 (or 5 or even 7 sometimes) and then we'll play the songs from start to finish. Today this is an almost medieaval way of recording but to me it's the most interresting. It's what happens in that room that very minute, that is the foundation of the song. Of course, there's lots of things that can go wrong but I'm confident. I know you have more control when you play one instrument at a time, I'm not interrested in that. I can handle some rough edges, or if it's not "laser tight". This is quite the opposite way of working, if I compare with my fellow mates in The Flower Kings. I don't think I have the patience they have. They seem to work forever on their projects. Anyway, when we've laid down the basic tracks. We will do the overdubbs, acoustic guitars, keyboards, solos and voices in different studios whenever we have the time.

This has really been a sunny story since day one. It's only one thing that worries me, time for rehearsal. Everyones calender is full. I think we all met once in January and once in March, but as we get closer to the recording, we have to play more often. I have already squeezed in a couple of night time rehearsals, so by the time we're in week 21, we'll be ready. One thing I stopped worrying about, is the risk we're taking with the mix of music that we play. I know it might be too heavy for some, too proggy for some and too soft for some. Frankly, I don't care. The only one I can be true to on this subject is me and the lads in the band and pray that you have ears big enough to take it all in. In the next blog I will talk about the fly on the wall!




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