Studio Report No. 6

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I came back to my house late sunday evening, that means I've been home for 3 days now. How do I feel? What are my impressions of the studio session? First of all I must admit I was quite nervous before the recording. I mean you never know, even though the lads in the band are quite experienced, as soon as you got your headphones on and the record button is pushed, it's very easy to get stiff. You don't dare to play the stuff you've been doing when you've been rehearsing, you lose the power and it sounds lame. I have'nt heard the recording yet but I think we managed to avoid all that, maybe with a little help of our late night sessions with the "Scapa" and the "Smulgubbe"and all the other great stuff that makes your mouth a happy fellow. You get a more loose approach and I don't know if I dare say it (beeing 45 and all), a more grown up sound, when it comes to tempo's and feelings. As you can see on the pics, the studio room was huge and I deliberately chose to have the amps in the same room as the drums, just get the "live feeling" I've been looking for. I don't want the separated and clinical sound most of the bands have today. I want a spontaneous and organic sound and as matter of fact, I think and I hope we achieved that.

What will happen next? Well me and Petrus (the sound engineer) will have a meeting next week to put up an exact plan, but for the moment I can tell you this. We will do overdubs during the summer whenever we can. People have holidays and so on including myself. We will still try to keep this loose approach both to the singing and the soloing etc. I will leave you for now, with a little story from the hotel which I sadly missed. I was showering.

Both Ola and Petrus woke up to a very strange and whining sound going on in the pipes of the hotel. As I just said, I was taking a shower, so first they thought it was me. They described the sound as similar to the Niagara falls. The sound started and continued for a couple of minutes, then it stopped and started again. For a moment Ola and Petrus thought that someone was urinating but when it started for the 5th time, just like in the Austin Powers movie "Goldmember", they said to themselves, it MUST be Hasse showering. When the sound started for the 7th time it was no doubt about it. No human beeing can be responsible for this. Just after that, they could hear the characteristic sound of a toilet flushing. It was Thomsson taking a leak, after one of our late night sessions at the hotel. Talk about having a killer prostata.




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