One night in Paris!

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Even though we've done gigs later, the latest tour we did was in November 2007. Once again we had a new drummer, Pat Mastellotto. Pat is very different from all the other TFK drummers, so he brought a whole new flavour to the band. It took a while to musically get to know each other, but in the end I think we actually sounded great. Once again, don't blame the "drum intermezzo" on me, I have nothing to do with that. For you who does'nt know, Pat's been up there in Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, NHL or whatever you like to call it, in the music business. He've had worldwide nr.1 hit singles with Mr.Mr, The Rembrandts and know he plays with King Crimson amongst others. I can guarantee, that all human beeings who's older than 10 years old today, has heard him play, at least if you live in the "western world". That's because you can hear him everytime you watch the "sitcom" Friends. Even though he's been there and done that, he was very easy to get along with. That tour, "The tour of no evil", started off with the most evil thing I can think of right now. After 45 minutes on the road we ran into a Moose (oh yes, the famous moose incident!) For you who has'nt heard about that, I can inform you. TFK left Uppsala at 3 o clock in the morning, to do the premiere gig at Rockefeller in Oslo (Norway). Just outside Enköping we hit a Moose. The result of that was BIG wholes in the front window and the german busdriver Ollie who said the now legendary but expressive phrase: TOUR KAPUTT! MEINE HERREN, TOUR KAPUTT!!! I don't wanna go through this all over again but I can tell you this. With a new drummer, a new sound engineer Paul Devillers (who's been working with Yes, Bette Middler amongst others) and a totally new road crew. The smashed window resulted in 2 vans for the band and the crew, a lorry for the equipment and an arrival at Rockefeller almost at gig time. With all this in mind, it's not strange that the Oslo gig imho was probably the worst TFK gig ever. All in all, I think I slept for approximately 2 hours out of maybe 50 for the first 2 gigs, as I was one of the drivers as well. Enough of the complaining, after 4 gigs we were in the "Zone" again and the last 12 gigs were just fine.

After lots of travelling and lots of shows, we had one night off in Paris. We parked the bus in a very cool, HUGE underground parking lot for chartered buses, in the middle of Paris, where you even could wash and clean the coaches. On our night off Jonas and me and the american very good friend (crew member on the tour) Brian Dorbuck went to a Jazz club. (I have to say, I felt so sorry for Brian. He had never been in Europe before and he managed to come here in November, when everything is grey and brown. I mean October can be beautiful, but 10 times out of 10, November stinks.) Anyway, Jonas knew the drummer of the band (Jeff), he phoned him up and asked if we could be guests? Jeff said we were welcome, but guests was out of the question! Jonas was a little disturbed about that, but off we went. As soon as we entered the venue, we immediately understood why we could'nt be guests. It had the size of a "normal" livingroom, small round tables with 3 chairs each (maximum capacity 45 persons?) When we got in, it was one table left, front row in the middle. The audience were most black girls between 25-40 years old. We sat down, had something to drink and then the band started to play. It was almost an all black band (roots from Senegal i guess?) and they sounded fabolous, a cross between Jazz, African music, Santana and Sting with a top notch sound in that little room. I could really see the dissapointment in the leadsingers eyes though. In a room full of black and beautiful ladies, 10 cm. in front of his genitals, he had 3 middle aged white guys. In fact when the band positioned themselves on the stage, you could only establish the fact, that we were actually sitting in the middle of it.




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