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I know I shouldn't write this because of all the people and companies that has gotten into trouble because of the volcano (dust) from Iceland. For me the timing couldn't be better. That little bugger actually gave me some time off from Arlanda that has been very useful as we're putting the final touches to the mix. On the other hand I have to say I feel so sorry for J.L.Anton and co. Last week I called him to see how they were hanging, before their trip to The States. I was actually trying to get information for a blog about Anton and his brother Mårten (bass) and a drummer I don't know the name of, since I didn't need to write the blog. Thanks to the dust from the volcano with the very strange name, the flight got cancelled and so did the gigs. The guys were supposed to fly to LA to do clubgigs for a week.

Today I woke up and it feels like I'm walking above the clouds. Yesterday we mixed the last song for "FuturePast" and last night Thomsson and me tried to be Donald "Duck" Dunn and Steve Cropper, as we and 3 other gentlemen did a Blues Brothers tribute show, in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Stockholm. We had the black suits, the black ties, the black glasses, the black shoes and the black hat and we brought down the house. Once again I can only state: "Playing live is the THING!". The interaction between the guys on stage, the energy from the audience and the sheer pleasure of playing! If you compare that, with synchronizing the ambience michrophones and the cymbal mikes with the snare and the tom michrophones (we're talking MILLI seconds here) the choice is very easy. Anyway, this is what the days will look like for Petrus and me now on monday and tuesday before the mastering now on wednesday. Now I feel like I'm repeating myself but the sky is blue, the sun is shining, so I guess there's just one thing left to do then. Have a killer weekend out there, all of ya!!!




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