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I just found out that the review on Amazon didn't work. Let's see if this works out better?! Soon PARTYTIME!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you all soon. Enjoy the weekend!

Next blog: "Chemistry"

New Jersey

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Please don't get me wrong. This must be what Bruce Springsteen feels like when he enters the stage back home in New Jersey after 5 years of no touring. The love we/I could feel from the audience at Katalin, especially during the end of the set was overwhelming and I know for a fact that I talk for the other lads as well. Musically I feel we still has a lot to prove but bare in mind folks, those gigs were the very first of HFMC and I noticed one interresting thing. The interraction between you and us on stage felt very natural and the vibe was great with LOTS of positive energy! HFMC would also like to express their gratitude to our foreign guests in Umeå and Uppsala. You all are truly out of this world, unbelievable! It's such an honour that I don't know what to say really.

Gotta couple of great new reviews again. This time around it's one in Swedish, written by the Swedish Rock journalist Daniel Reichberg and published in Artrock. The other one is written by an unknown customer at Amazon. It was Janne Olander (the guy responsible for the layout) that made me aware of it. It's fascinating to see how this person really goes into the tiniest little detail. I have to say, if we/I should believe in everything he or she writes, we must have done a masterpiece? Hey! If that's the case, what do you do next? The only thing that annoys me, is that he or she claims we're good musicians but no "Rock Stars". What the hell does he or she mean by that?! (Just kidding). Anyway, here you got the reviews served on a silver plate:

It's once again weekend and tomorrow sir Kjell "Michelle Kjellvete" Haraldsson and me are gonna do some night clubbing! First, here you've got some pics from Katalin 101027. Next week I promise to write that blog I've been talking about "Chemistry". Rock your socks off this weekend folks. Love to you all!




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