Powerplay road report nr.1 (the promised land).

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What's wrong about getting up at 4 o clock in the morning? Nothing if you ask me! Especially if you're heading for the promised land across the pond. The purpose of this journey was of course that we had a couple of gigs to take care of with Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion, like for instance our "Powerplay tour 2012" premiere gig at RoSfest. There's not much I can say about the festival that hasn't been said. I guess I'll just join the choir and singalong with them 'cause it's a bloody good festival, with a very special and warm "aura" around it. Despite the fact that our premiere nerves made us play the songs a little bit faster than we intended, I'm quite happy with the gig. Considering the majority of the audience hadn't heard "Powerplay" yet, the reception from the audience was overwhelming. We also learnt that RoSfest is not only about the music or the gigs. Each and every night someone threw a giant party, where both "regular" visitors and the bands had a laugh and a drink or two. Gotta tell you, HFMC took it seriously and parts of the band were the last to leave every night (or maybe I should say morning).

After this mesmerizing weekend we jumped into our van together with mr Ray Loboda, who proved to take good care of us for the rest of the week. Next stop New Jersey, for a gig at the ultra cool venue "Roxy and Dukes", a gig arranged by NJ Proghouse with the wonderful Jim Robinson and Alan Benjamin taking care of business. We could have ended up doing the gig without Kjells keys (that would have been something...?) since the power converter I just bought didn't work. Thanks to the gentleman Bony, who managed to find an open Radio Shack in the very last minute, bought a new one and made it back just in time for the gig, we entered the stage in full swing. I can assure you that was really what we needed to do, 'cause of the frantic "killer performance" by Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears, who really set the standard that evening.

After having breakfast at Hooters in New Brunswick, it was once again time for some 5 more hours in the van. Good music and plenty of bad jokes, especially from mr Loboda himself and all of a sudden we parked the car in front of a Super 8 hotel (brings back memories...!) in Brighton, a suburb to Boston. Anyway, The Magic Room was just like the venue in NJ, a supercool club with a good sound and a fantastic and psychedelic lighting rig. This time it was Al Baillargeon and the Boston based Newears that arranged the concert. It was great to once again be able to meet and play with The Resistors, since we both played at RoSfest. Before I forget... thank you Steve Unruh and company for lending out your equipment. After a LONG night it was 5 pretty tired Swedes in the bus, heading for a hotel somewhere close to Dulles Airport outside Washington. After 11 hours of driving and un unplanned but nice sightseeing of Washington, we hit the hotel - Mission complete!

Friday and time to go home. After a couple of e-mail interviews we boarded the plane, took off in time, got back to Sweden with all our equipment in good shape (in fact in a lot better shape than the 5 of us). Still, 5 lads with memories for life. Personally I have a lot of highlights from this tour but the one that stands out the most, was to see Anton become the party animal of the band, launching his new and already legendary "double grip". A memory for life indeed!


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