Progressive Nation at Sea 2014

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photo by Frenci Vervest

I think this pic pretty much sums it up. Vitamin B, vitamin D, prog, rock and a lot of smiles (I guess you understand this photo was shot during the night). Anyway, I can assure you the weather was marvellous all throughout the "Progressive Nation at Sea 2014" maiden voyage and that increased the feelgood factor of this journey even more. If you think of a festival without the muddy field, the cold or sweaty tent, the "nightmare like restrooms" etc, you got a hint of what life was like on Norwegian Pearl. Hmmm...I bet you got it by know.

On occassions like this your focus gets a bit blurry. You constantly have to keep in mind that you're on the boat to play and that's easy to forget as you try to see as many bands as possible and of course you end up with a chat or two with all the beautiful people onboard. Anyway, with the help of sound engineer Rich Mouser (responsible for mixing the Transatlantic records among other things) TFK did imho two solid shows. Especially if you think of that we hadn't even met for two months. To me, the gig on the pooldeck under the stars was the coolest one.

Meeting other bandmembers is also very entertaining. To once again see the guys in Neal Morse Band or Spocks Beard, talk to the Beardfish guys for the first time, or continue the partying with Pain of Salvation where we left off in Israel over a year ago is nothing else but mesmerizing. In fact Tomas Bodin and me spent an afternoon at the small island Stirrup Cay (or whatever it was?) with Ragnar Zolberg who did a trememdous job at being himself at the same time as he tried to "stand in" for the Pain of Salvation mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw (bless him and may he get well soon). Not only did Ragnar and the rest of the bunch do Pain of Salvation justice without Daniel. After a while we even found out that Ragnar (who's from Iceland by the way) has connections to Uppsala and every now and then he's in Lagga, less than 10 km:s from where I live, to do some sauna bathing and whisky drinking with a fellow brother from Iceland that now lives in Sweden. When I saw the line-up I promised myself I would not leave the boat until I've talked to the former TNT (Norwegian metal/aor band) singer Tony Harnell. At the Kings X gig I saw my chance and said to him, I know one thing you don't. "As a matter of fact I was asked to join TNT as their leadsinger before you but I turned them down". He looked at me like a questionmark until I started to explain the whole story. After I made it perfectly clear to him he was the right man for the job, he shook my hand and we started to laugh. It's already been proved several times and now once again. It's a pretty small world we're living in.

Next week=back in the studio working with the new HFMC album again and by the way, cool pic Frenzi!




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