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Hi folks, yes indeed here we go again. Just as I told you before, I promised myself to never form a band again, but I could'nt keep that promise and now "Hasse Fröberg and the Musical Companion"(HFMC) is a fact. The reasons for this are many. First of all, I've been writing quite frequently later. Since I finished as a trainer/coach for my daughter's soccerteam, all of a sudden I got a lot of sparetime every week. During the TFK tours there's always been lots of people asking me if I will do a record of my own and at the end of last year, I got a letter from a fan who was VERY upset by the fact that I had'nt made an album yet. The turning point though, has to be when a friend of mine came by unannounced. I was sitting with my guitar, we had some coffee and I played him some of the material. His reaction and his feedback later on, really made me understand the potential of the songs.

It did'nt take long for me to realize, that to record this album I need a band. It's so not just me, to launch a project with different session musicians. I might be old fashioned but I want a band with a certain sound (for good or for bad). The first intention, was to play with musicians I've never played with before. So I phoned former Spellbound drummer Ola Strandberg, who has been playing a lot with different coverbands lately, if he knew some guys that could be interresting? He immediately said Anton Lindsjö. He's a monster, he can play the songs even before you write them and he got a beautiful tone as well. All I can say, is that he was right. I've had my eyes upon Kjell Haraldsson for a while, because I like his playing a lot. But I thought that he was too occupied with other gigs and project's (MSG, Glenn Hughes, HTP and differerent "schlagerdivas" in Sweden amongst others). I was wrong, Kjelle jumped on board and he's been very enthusiastic since day one. All of a sudden, right out of the blue, I had this feeling that Ola and Thomsson would be perfect for the band. They have a history playing together but I did'nt think they were in for it, once again I was dead wrong and they're both spot on. In fact, recently they both have been very musically active. I think the reason that theese 2 elder gentlemen joined the band is that it gives them the opportunity to play original material again.

Okay, so now I got HFMC together. What will happen? Will anything happen? Let me tell you, boy did it happen! We've now been rehearsing since november and in the next blog I will give you information, about male bonding and the psychological aspects of starting a new band.





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