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As I told you before, I've had my doubts about starting a new band again. I have already given you the reasons why I did it, but there were just as many reasons who told me not to do it. First of all, the sleep you loose at night, trying to find out new and better arrangements. All the sleep you loose at night worrying if the lyrics are good enough. At daytime you become so absent minded, that you don't hear what people say. For years i've been a member of TFK and it's been a pleasant ride. There you see the other side of the coin, just singing, playing and taking part of the fun stuff. All this, while Roine has been in charge of all the practical things, economics, planning for records and tours, arguing and compromising with people in the business. I've been there myself and I've seen it up close, let me tell you I'm not jealous of him. Even though I know all this, it does'nt scare me. I guess I love music too much for that.

For the moment now when we're rehearsing, the most important thing is the goal! The goal is of course the recording. You gotta keep the lads on their toes, but at the same time, you have to create a positive vibe. Not to forget, you have to have a cool approach, because of the limited amount of time for preparation that we have. The guys have been great, it was time for the reward.

Yes it was finally time for some male bonding. Paintball was out of the question, snooker, dart or bowling did'nt seem to appeal to us either. We ended up rehearsing on a saturday evening (090207) with some bottles of Whisky, a Vodka and lots of beer. Ola recorded the evening, luckily enough I have'nt heard it yet (I don't think it was the peak of our career but who knows). After that we managed to open up a restaurant, that had closed for the evening, for some food and more beer. The final destination was Katalin, a good "rockclub" in Uppsala. We really had a blast that night, personally I met a lot of former bandmates (Solid Blue, Spellbound and people from different coverbands I've been involved with). It was nice to meet J.J again, it was a while since we last met. The surprise of the evening though has to be Rikard Zander (Solid Blue). He left for Gothenburgh maybe 12 years ago. I've met him a couple of times there when I've been on the road. Sadly, we somehow lost contact over the years, but I guess we talked for hours that evening. About what? MUSIC of course!







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