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When it comes to music, I'm a hopeless romantic (I guess). 1976 just 12 years old, I saw my first concert. "Atlantic crossing" had just been released and Rod Stewart was on the road. It was a great show. They did lots of The Faces songs, which was the main reason for my visit. The one thing that really blew me away though, was a song in the PA system before they got on. That song was "Jailbreak". I did'nt knew what band it was but after a while I found out that it was Thin Lizzy. About 1 year after Rod's concert, Thin Lizzy played at Gröna Lund (an amusement park in the middle of Stockholm). It was a beautiful and warm night in August. I was standing in the front row, right in front of Phil Lynott. After that I was marked for life. Cleaning lady, doctor, carpenter or a pilot, nothing mattered. I wanted to be a musician. That concert was the beginning of the tour that eventually became their legendary "Live and dangerous" album. Short after this I saw AC/DC (Bon Scott), Queen in their heydays (While they still were a rock band), UFO and Boston among others, while they were at their artistic peak. The winner of the race though was the "Lizzy gig". Enough of this nostalgic nonsense.

Do'nt ask me why, but after a while on the road, you get extra sentimental. Let's say you've just done 4 or 5 nights in a row and you're gonna have a day off. You let your guard down a bit, no one is expecting anything sensational of you tomorrow. On these occassions, you might even celebrate with a little party in the back of the bus. When or if you wake up in your bunk the morning after and you've been away from your family for 3 weeks, you have'nt got a clue where you are and it feels like your head is about half the size it should be. Then you're in a perfect mood (miserable enough) to get into that "special sentimental vibe". If you put on your headphones and listen to for instance "Turn of the century"-Yes, "Have you heard"- Pat Metheny or maybe "Sin city"- AC/DC. The emotions and the commitment to the music theese guys have, can really make your eyes wet. During the "Adam&Eve" and "Paradox hotel" tours, we had 2 very nice british members in the crew, Chris and Andy. Andy sadly passed away due to cancer short after that. God bless you. With these lads on the bus, the whisky bottles were empty a little moore often. After one of those nights, I woke up with Jeff Buckley's "Grace" in my ears. I probably put the record on random before I went to sleep. Anyway, Lilac wine" was on and I could'nt stop myself. I started to cry loud and clear (hopefully the rest of the guys were asleep). I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the song and Jeff's passionate deliverance.







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