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First of all, I want to make one thing clear. I'm first and foremost a musicfan, not a musician. That defenition means I love music, not especially metal, prog, jazz, blues, opera or whatever. I love music, period. (Even though I consider myself a bit of a "rocker"). I know I am my own worst enemy here. Today, when you really need to cathegorize the music extremely hard. The world would be a lot easier for me, if I for instance was a total metalhead. When I look at my favourite records over the years, the ones I can go back to and still find interesting are the records that were diverse in both sound and styles. Other albums I loved 20 years ago because of a cool production or a neat set of songs, I can't listen to today, they feel so out of date or the presentation does'nt say anything at all. A couple of records I can come back to anyday and still think they are fantastic, for instance "Sheer heart attack", "A night at the opera" or " A day at the races" (Queen II is almost there). As you've probably noticed Im focusing on Queen here. The great thing with those guys back then, was that no song sounded like the other, but at the same time they had a Queen "stamp" all over it. Compare "White man" with "Good old fashioned lover boy" (A day at the Races) or "Seaside rendezvous" with "Prophet song" (A night at the opera). It does'nt matter if you like it or not, you've never heard anything like that before or after. Maybe Brian May was'nt the fastest gunslinger in the world and Roger Taylor was definitely not the master of intricate grooves. John Deacon though, was a very melodic bassplayer (check out "A millionaire's waltz"). The iceing of the cake was of course Freddie, the most inventive and curious rockmusician ever to walk the earth. Together it was like these guys were from another planet. I guess what I'm trying to say here is, that during the recording of our album. We will use no other people than ourselves. The fact that the music vary from guitar driven hardrock, through tempo and rythm changing symphonic rock, to pure pop, makes it even more important to play the songs ourselves. Just to leave no room for doubt that it's HFMC you're listening too. Don't think for a second now , that I'm comparing HFMC with Queen. Just prepare yourself for a varying album.

I've written all the material on my acoustic guitar. Which means you can't rely on cool sounds, or heavy grooves or whatever. It's actually a very effective way of writing, because everything is built around the melody. Sometimes I get inspired by a nice sounding chord change, next time I got a melody stucked in my head and as soon as I get a couple of words to sing (hopefully a hook), I take off. I think I discover quite immediately if there's any substance in the idea. I write the music pretty fast on pure inspiration. The lyrics are tougher. Sometimes they write themselves, another time, you might have 3 different lyrics and none of them feels good. When it comes down to the arrangement. I got almost everything in my head (remember I told you I was abscent minded). Now we're talking about the real deal. HFMC, the guys in the band who are gonna glue all this together. They are the most important in all this. It does'nt matter what kind of song we're doing. HFMC will put their trademark, their sound in it and hopefully the music will reach out til at least some of you out there







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