The legend of the tiny little summer house

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The last house on the north side of Uppsala, it can no longer be seen because of road construction. That house is called Vimus. That's where I played together with TFK for the first time, that's where we in HFMC played our first notes. The house is old and it's got 3 rehearsal studios, all above the ground THANK GOD! Thomsson, a guy I played together with in different bands for over 30 years, says it's the best place he's ever rehearsed in. As you can see in the short video, it's not glamourus at all, but the room is quite big and comfortable, no stairs or shit to carry the equipment and so on. As much as Thomsson loves the place, the former TFK drummer Jaime Salazar hated it. He was the first drummer of that band ( I know we've had lots of them, but don't blame me.) Jaime was and probably is a very nice and polite lad. At the same time he was and probably is one of the most special character's ever to walk the earth. Today he mostly works with musicals and theatre's and that without reading notes. He memorizes everything. Just for fun you could ask Jaime for instance, what he did the 10-th of April 78 and he would answer in a second what he did that day, 20 years later. Jaime is also the only drummer I know of, who hates the sound of drums. He can stand it within the music together with other instruments but the pure sound of hitting a tom or a cymbal, makes him wanna puke. One time Roine asked him if he could do a drum solo, he looked at Roine as if he was from another planet. There's lot's of funny stories about Jaime on soundchecks, both in studio and on stage. With all this in mind, you can imagine what the rehearsal situation was like when I joined TFK. Roine loves to rehearse, he can go on forever, no food, no rest just play. I would say Roines age while rehearsing changes from born 56, to born 86 maybe. Then we have the rest of us, who love to play, but after 3 or 4 hours maybe needs a break. The head is full of information, the ears are tired because of the volume, the body is exhausted because of the singing and the passion you put in and then there was Jaime, Who did'nt wanna be there in the first place. After he played a song once, he had it. "Different people" (4mins.) or "Garden of dreams" (1 hour!) made no difference. It was at this time, we started to call Vimus, Jaime's little summer house. In Sweden, a summer house is loaded with positive things and thoughts. After a long winter, the Swedes, especially those who live in flats in the city centre, travels out to their little summer house and makes it ready for the summer. Just how much those guys long for their little house. That's how much Jaime hated Vimus and the rehearsals.

In case you're wondering what we're up to at the moment. We got 3 more rehearsals to go, so it's pretty much the last preparations. If we should shorten the intro? If we should double the chorus? If the keys. should be in the centre or the guitar? The most important thing now though, is to settle the tempo's.







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