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If you never been to Denver, let me tell you it looks nothing like Sweden. It's a strange combination of desert and high mountains. On the way from the airport Denver almost looks like (excuse me) it's placed on Mars. I have to say it looks beautiful in a strange way. We've played there twice, and we've been very well taken care of by a bunch of guys, who really do their utmost to make a nice evening for anyone (including the audience). On the first visit, we were invited to Phil's house for a home cooked meal and a "Beer buffet". That lovely tasty buffet included all styles of beers: Ales, Lagers, Belgian style beers, Bitters, other dark beers and more regular American beers. These top notch products were from a local brewery (forgot the name), and if I'm not wrong here, I actually remember that someone told me it had won some prices at an international "Beer festival". After a superb tasting Beef Borgougne and a serious research of the high quality products of the local brewery, Tomas and Jonas took over the show. They did a "very well" sounding concert with Jonas on piano and Tomas on guitar and vocals, in front of a fanatic crowd in Phil's livingroom. After that we headed back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the show the day after.

The soundcheck went smooth, nothing I remember actually, but approximately 15-25 seconds into the first song of the set "Church of your heart" all of a sudden a huge and loud sound from HELL! took over the PA-system and the wedges. I remember I thought to myself. You fly all around the world, work for hours and hours to get the sound right, and then some technichal mess can fuck everything up. That awful, terrible sound felt like it went on for ages, but it was probably just 15-20 seconds. Just when I thought this is it, TFK:s first gig in Denver only lasted for 20 seconds it stopped, and after that everything just worked perfect. No one knew what it was, I think it was the ghost in the house. Despite that little incident we had some awesome days in Denver, thanks to the Denver crew: Alan, Phil, Jamie and Steve and all the rest of you guys. Thank you!







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