Studio Report No. 4

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Good evening good morning or whatever. We just got back to the hotel again and personally I feel at least a little bit more alert today. I think what got to me yesterday was the fact that no sleep, 1000 practical things to take care of before the recording and the fact that this is it, now it "HAS" to happen, all of sudden got to me. The songs we worked on today was "Ultimate thrill", "It's only my blood" and "Above". The hardest one to record during this short session, was definitely "It's only my blood". That one was actually the first song I wrote, initially made for TFK back in 2006. This actually means that Ola's hard work is over for now and he's done a BLOODY good job! Thomsson has now officialy proposed to him, only God knows what's going on in that room when they close the door at night. Now I can only say, that I'm very proud to present an extremely talented guitarplayer, "Jean Luc" Anton:

Well, what can I say... I'm mighty honored to be a part of this musical fellowship! I remember that morning when I woke up a late winters morning, or rather a winters day, getting a call from some stranger asking me to play some guitar for a project he had coming up. It was Hasse. I had no idea how who he was, how he got my number or what he expected from me. But what he presented sounded very intruiging and I accepted the offer. Boy am I happy I did! We had the first rehearsal a few weeks later in the tiny little summer house you've probably already know about. After some research on Hasses career and realising who he was, I obviously was a nervous wreck stepping into the rehearsal studio. Ola and Kjelle was already good friends of mine but Thomas and Hasse was people I only had heard of. It didn't take long before I was totally relaxed together with the band. What a crew! These guys are some of the funniest, down to earth guys I've ever come across. And Hasse really made everyone comfortable with his humble presence. I was amazed when I realised this guy have all his music in his head. Every little detail! Extraordinary! Well, from that first moment this has been a fantastic journey and now we're here, laying down the tracks and I must say, it's coming out absolutely great! One of the biggest reasons for that being Petrus and his enginering skills. This guy has an amazing gift! I could never dream that this thing was gonna sound this good!

Today we've finished the drum tracks for all the songs and damn, have Ola outdone himself. There are some crazy grooves on this record but my absoulute favourite is Olas tom tom walkabouts! Damn thats some sexy drumwork! You we'll understand when you hear the record. His roto runs is absolutely crazy. Love it! I also want to thank Ola for presenting me to Hasse. Not only because this got me a chance to play Hasses music but also because this got me to play with Ola again. Thanks bud!

We also have initiated the leslie miking for Kjelles organ work tomorrow. This was the first time I heard the legendary leslie cabinet in real life. God, that thing sounds huge and organic! Having Kjelle being the one doing the keyboard work wasn't doing things worse. Kjelle is one of those cats I saw as a young kid and was always blown away by his extreme musicianship and groove. It was crazy getting to play with him for the first time a couple of years ago. Now he's part of this band and I couldn't think of anyone better to handle the keys.

Last but not least; Thomas Thomson! This guy has made this week even better than it already was. The amount of laughs this guy is responsible is unheard of. His mere presence is lighting up everybodys mood and raising everybodys energy level. Beeing in the studio 13 hours in a row can make anyone tired and sometimes a bit grumpy but having Thomas around cures all that. The fact that he's a fantastic bass player is not to be forgotten. This guy has some serious punch and push in his touch. Trrrrevligt!

Last but not least I want to thank Hasse for being an extremely nice ad humble person, an absolutely amazing musician and for putting his trust in a young, unknown guy like me.

Cheers! // Anton







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