The Flower Kings/Gay Clubs??

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Everytime we're on the road, as soon as I see the white cliffs of Dover and I've had my traditional "Full english breakfast"! At 4 o clock in the morning, it feels like I've just opened the door to my own house. Don't ask me why? I really don't have any connections to England what so ever. One of the reasons I guess, is the fact that in my early twenties, me and a couple of friends, went to England several times to buy records(vinyl, they were a lot cheaper than in Sweden back then), clothes and of course watch gigs and so on. Back in 85, I stayed in London for 3 weeks to record with Spellbound and 10 years later, I did a 10-date pub tour with Solid Blue, everywhere we went, we went down a "little storm" and we had the time of our lives! So with that in mind and the countless times we've been there with TFK, yes, it's probably my second home.

When we're heading for London or England, we've very often played Paris before and we're always in a terrible hurry to catch the ferry. Let me tell you, it feels like you're sent of to prison, to leave Paris in the middle of the night, when everybody seems to wake up, only to catch a stinking boat but then again, we're heading for "Good Olde England". If there's any musicians out there who's reading this, who's played Astoria in central London (now Mean Fiddler) you will now exactly what I'm talking about. I don't know what it is? The dressing room is like a wardrobe, the venue is all black, the stairs down to the stage is stinking of piss! But it's something there. It might be love, I don't know? Anyway, Mean Fiddler has a strict curfew and I mean STRICT CURFEW! At 11 o clock you have to be out of the building, cause that's when the gay club starts. Talking about gay clubs, last time we played in Paris (The sum of no evil tour, 2007), they had a gay disco going on at the same time as our show but at another floor. We did'nt notice it that much until me and Tomas, just my voice his piano, were supposed to do "Stardust we are". At the very same second I guess the dj. at the gay disco cranked up the volume even louder, so in the end what you heard was a little bit of me and Tomas and a lot of bass drum, high hat, in a "hysteric" techno groove. I really had a hard time to sing without laughing.







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