Life's Great at Super 8!

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In the spring of 2002, it was time for TFK to do a tour in the States again. This time around we played with the very humble guys in California Guitar Trio. Among the gigs from that tour, I remember "The Troubadour", cause it's a legendary club and because Doane Perry (drummer for Jethro Tull for many many years), came in to our dressing room after the show and stated, that TFK was a great band! Another venue that's really stucked in my mind since then, is "The Great American Music Hall" In San Fransisco. What's stucked to me even more, is the hotel we stayed at, at our visit in Frisco.

San Fransisco was actually the first stop during this tour. We arrived the day before the show, which meant we had 2 nights at this very "fashionable" hotel. This was the first time all of us was in "the windy city", so we were touristing all day long with the help of Mr. Mark Viduka (where are you now?) and his friends. In the evening we went out for a dinner, so we litterally did'nt spend much time at the hotel at all, the first day. During breakfast the first morning, I could'nt help but notice 4 or 5 ladies that looked young but at the same time very old. I did'nt spend anymore time thinking about that, as we went to the venue for the soundcheck and a little walk around the town again and later on the gig of course. The morning after, the ladies were back at the breakfast table again and all of a sudden I realized, THEY WORK HERE!

Approximately 1 hour later when we checked out of the hotel, we witnessed something that could've been taken from a movie, or I would say more like a scene taken from Baretta, Columbus, Kojak or Starsky and Hutch from the seventies, if you know what I mean? One of the ladies clients was very upset, because they were cleaning the room and there were no more rooms available, at least not during his lunch. He had settled the time and already paid and he was pissed off. The receptionist, or should I say the pimp, did'nt look like the guy you wanna mess around with and he did'nt take any shit. So at the same time as we were trying to check out, we witnessed this wild discussion between theese two, while the lady was looking at her watch with a blank face. I have no idea, how this little incident ended? All I could do was to sing along with the TV commercial I just saw at my room, while I was brushing my teeth 15 minutes earlier: "Life's great at Super8"...............?!







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