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If you ask me, Roine and I have always had an open and positive relationship. It does'nt matter if it's TFK related stuff, such as recording or touring or just a private phone call. That does'nt mean we agree on everything all the time. Very often that concerns things that has no right or wrong. To start with, Roine belongs to another generation than I do. Musically, his roots and influences are mainly from the 60:ies, Beatles, Hendrix, Procol Harum etc. while mine are from the 70:ies, Thin Lizzy, Zeppelin, Queen etc. I don't think I need to explain that we have Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd amongst others in common. If we happen to disagree on something, we solve it pretty smooth. If our opinions are too different, he has the last word and I'm fine with that, since it's his baby. Most of the time though, we have the same thoughts and ideas, what's best for the music.

The Cosmic Lodge (Roine's studio) is placed in the middle of the house (an old factory building), with no windows and almost no ventilation at all. On the same floor, on the other side of the wall we have Uppsala Dans Akademi. That's a school where people learn ballett, Jazz dance, Hip Hop or whatever. When the students know their moves and the dance is "laser tight", it sounds like the North Korean troops are on the march, it's a miracle you don't hear it on the record. If you listen to my channel alone you can hear it pretty good. Lucky for us, it does'nt happen that often. Just above the ceiling, you have all the pipes of the house. As soon as somebody flushes or pours some water it sounds like a waterfall (it's a big house, you hear them all the time). Despite all this, I really like the place. I's a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and Roine himself has a pretty cool approach to the job.

For being a perfectionist, a rumour that has followed the chief of the "Kings" since time began, I once again have to say he has a very laid back approach. Sometimes I wish he was harder on me. Sometimes he just falls in love with a phrase, a certain expression or just a word. Those times it does'nt matter if it's totally out of key, or if I think the timing is bad. Earlier he always managed to convince me to keep those takes, but now I know better. Of course every now and then "magic" can occure, but after a while you seem to forget the "magic" and left is just a "sour" note. Now I'm gonna be far to honest with you for my own good. I actually have a hard time to listen to "Unfold the future", the most sold TFK album to date because of my singing. After that I learned my lesson and did'nt finish the job until I was fairly satisfied with my contribution. On the other hand, I'm vocally pleased with albums like "The Sum Of No Evil", Adam and Eve, "Stardust we are" and "Paradox Hotel". If there's one song I'm more pleased with than others. I have to mention the first part of "City of Angels" ("Rainmaker"). That one was a treat to record. Even though the rythm is odd (as usual) I happened to find the flow and the timing almost instantly. The key was pleasant to sing in, I did'nt use a lot of power or technique. I just opened my mouth and sang, almost just with my natural speaking voice and it sounds fine just like that. Sometimes your lucky.





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