Best Barbeque Ever!

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If you’ve never tasted ”Walker’s non such” (the ones you hit against the table), or “Callard and Bowser”, I consider you to be a virgin! These two brands are in my opinion the top producers of English toffee. The taste is so intense, full and rich, that your saliva starts to drip. Actually about the same calibre as Scapa (single malt), Mariestads 5,3 (Swedish beer), remember the “oral orgasm” I told you about earlier. I have to give my compliments and lift my hat off to “Good olde England”, for producing such fantastic toffees. Except for that, I can proudly declare Sweden as the nr. 1 Country, when it comes to candy, sweets, caramelles, or whatever you like to call these unhealthy darlings. I don’t wanna brag but I’ve tasted candy almost everywhere and there’s not a country who’s even close, to have the same kind of inventiveness and quality as Sweden. Here, we also have a thing called “Lösvikt”, which means you can pick up whatever you fancy and then you pay/weight. You can find chocolate, liquorice, toffee, fruit tasting toffees and candy that I even can’t describe. They all have one thing in common though. It tastes delicious! I also have to mention Keiko and her Irish chocolate “Lir”. Keiko is a huge fan of TFK and everytime we have toured in Europe, she’s been showing up at a couple of gigs, with this marvellous box. For Roine and me it’s almost been like a religious experience. One bite and you’re hooked for life. It’s like the earth stops to move, when you put one in your mouth.

One of the most rewarding things about being a band on tour, is without a doubt, all the different food from around the world, you get the chance to try. While we’re at the subject, I have to mention Marco, Vincenzo and the rest of the crew in ..Northern Italy... Their hospitality and service is first class and the food they serve us, is always excellent. Playing under the wings of these guys is always a treat. You really have to have a good sense of self discipline, after all you have a gig to do. All I can say to these gentlemen is: Thank you big time! FORZA ITALIA!

The best thing I’ve ever tasted, I had in Rochester USA. We’ve played there twice at the “Water Street Music Hall”. It’s a classic rock club (British style) big, black and a loud Pa. I like it there a lot. What’s even better, is the promoter Dan Wahle. Everytime you enter the backstage area, you think you’re a member of “The Stones” or “U2” or something. The catering is marvellous, top notch, top of the line, first class! The last time we played there, you won’t believe what happened? The soundcheck ran overtime (heard that one before). Actually so much that we missed the dinner. I was devastated, since Dan told me the food would really be something “extraordinary”. We had some food from the catering just prior to the show, entered the stage and did the concert (a good one) in front of a big and supportive crowd. Afterwards Dan told us, it was too late to eat at the restaurant. It was like getting a punch in the nose but he carried on telling me, that he managed to do it like “take away” instead. Said and done. Just as we got back to the hotel, Dan and some of the crew members, came to our room with the food. The smell was heavenly and Dan told us, that the chef was top 3 at a big Bbq competition. When we started to eat, we all immediately understood why. Roine and me almost bursted into tears. We all ate under total silence. The Coleslaw was outstanding, with I guess small pieces of apple in it. Everything tasted superb but the highlight was the thin slices of Pork, that had been grilled for 24 hours. To be honest, I’ve never been closer to God, than at that very moment!







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