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What happened that day in Seattle at the fast food restaurant, when Roine became "Groina"? What was the truth behind the "Dwayne incident" in New York. In Paris, at one of the public restrooms, all of a sudden "Aaaaah..., Monsieur Bodin!" became a fact and has lived with us ever since. Will those stories ever be told? Frankly, at the moment I don't know? What I do know is the fact that TFK still has a break or a time out. I'm speaking with all the guys on a regular basis and for the moment everyone is busy with their own projects (me included). I guess it's still gonna take some time before you'll hear new material from TFK, except for the "Tribute to TFK" album that now is being recorded by various bands and artists around the world. Isn't that awesome! Other bands playing your songs on a record. Keep your eyes and ears open for that, I sure will. In fact I've told Roine a couple of times to make an official statement about the status of TFK. Nothing has happened yet. I can only tell you, what he tells me. For the moment he's not up for it. First of all there's some issues to deal with and most importantly, he needs to get the hunger, the urge to do it back. I just wish he could be a little more clear about it, for his sake, our sake and most of all you, the fans sake.

To me it's amazing TFK is still around. To lead such a band, can't be like a walk in the park. We're talking BIG egos here, that don't take no for an answer. Despite those circumstances, I believe we've found a way to work, to be creative and productive. From day one, Roine has been very democratic, we all have our say but if we disagree, Roine has the last word. For instance, before the latest tour we did, I thought Roine made some wrong decisions and I told him that. Still I respect him and his choices. He did what he thought was best for the band at that point. One decision we all agreed on, was to take a time out. I honestly don't think we could have continued because of the friction between Tomas and Roine. To some of you it might come as a surprize, but they haven't excactly been lovers lately. I do hope and I do believe that these two Gentlemen will work this out. I know for a fact, TFK been offered a tour, that means the interrest is still there. Most importantly, when (if) we'll record again. We have to make it the best album we've ever done.

About thirty minutes before the show I start with my vocal excercises. Not only to warm up the voice, it's equally important to get in the mood, or to get out of the "bus choma" or whatever. I don't know if this is the reason you don't see Jonas in the backstage area, until three minutes before we enter the stage. He might be chatting with a friend, watching a movie in the bus or the hotel. Even though, as soon as he hit the first note, he's spot on. Tomas is very restless before the show. If there's a curtain in front of the stage, he's already there playing with his headphones on. Roine is the total opposite. He's having like a meditative thirty minute pre-gig session, with a glass of red wine and closed eyes. I think he's mentally preparing the music and sometimes I actually think he falls asleep. As you probably understand, the lads in TFK are quite some characters and I love them. Tomas is funny, during rehearsals, if he gets lost. First of all he stops to play, he starts to shake both his hands in front of his chest at the same time as he looks at his keyboards. When we stop playing, he ALWAYS says: "This is not gonna work". Now, when you've heard that sentence approximately fourhundred times and it always works, you've learnt to be indulgent. I've done lots of crazy gigs over the years, but none of them tops Jonas gig at Tivoli in Copenhagen (the amusement park). He played there every afternoon together with some of the best jazz musicians out of Scandinavia. The money was right, the start time was right (you could even have another gig in the evening). The only thing that did'nt feel allright was the smell on stage but first of all in the backstage area. Hundreds of kilos of summer warm raw herring was carefully placed all over the place, just to please the star of the show: Adolf - the sea lion! I have to say I love the thought, that some of the best jazz musicians in Scandinavia, have to play the second fiddle to Adolf.

By now I've told you a couple of times, that this was the last blog on TFK. Remember, what I've written here was my impression of the adventures with these guys. I might have forgotten some names or some important things for that matter, but I've tried to be as honest as I could. I also tried to describe it as real as I could. From now on I'm gonna concentrate fully on HFMC and I'll try to write some blogs every now and then. As a matter of fact I got one coming allready.







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