Studio Report No. 14

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The funny thing is that the mixes gets better and better, at least that what it feels like. In this process you do small adjustments along the way, which constantly improves the sound. Because of this fact we had to go back and take a look at the early mixes and "tweak" up the sound a little here and there. Last night we (almost) finished the song "Only my blood", which means that we've now mixed the 4 "epics" on the album (even if they're not even close to "Garden of dreams"=1 hour!, or some of the other long songs by TFK), these 4 songs have a running time between 10-15 minutes. In fact, last night I even brought Thomsson to the studio to replace maybe 20 seconds of bass guitar, or to be precise, 16 notes. Now you may think I've become a perfectionist but I'm still far from it. I just wanted looooong notes, instead of the staccato ones he played up in Tierp, almost a year ago. When we started the session last night, we were dead tired all 3 of us but Thomsson managed to deliver the goods quite easy anyway and after a while even Petrus and me woke up from our coma. After some "technichal mess" with the computer, we got very creative and managed to do a lot of work. When I couldn't hear the difference between Olas kick and Kjelles Mellotron, we decided to round things off.

I also want to take the opportunity to inform you, that I've booked Tailor Made to do the mastering. That will happen on the 28-th of April. I did this to put the pressure on me and Petrus, to actually finish this thing. I feel this whole process has taken way to long. The amount of time we've been working in the studio is not much really, it's just that it's been so damn hard to synchronize our schedules. Even though we decided to work like this about a year ago, I couldn't in my wildest dreams think it would take as long as this to finish the recording. In case you haven't noticed it already, time flies! It's now week nr.15 and we started the recording of "FuturePast" in the now "legendary" week 21 in 2009. I have to say it feels absolutely great to be able to move on to the next phase but before that, I can promise you one last "studio report" in a week or so.

Once again the weekend is slowly "creeping" upon us and as usual, I wanna take the opportunity to wish you all a great one!







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