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Heard on the radio about a boy, who took his life because he wasn't allowed to play as much computer games as he would've liked.

Heard on the radio, in Pakistan the Taliban bombed a school for girls.

Heard on the radio, British Petrol is cleaning up the mess in the Mexican Gulf with an "antiseptic", that's almost as bad as the oil.

Heard on the radio about yet another priest, who have molested a child.

Heard on the radio, in Haiti they amputate without giving anaesthesia.

Heard on the radio about yet another bomb, this time on Times Square, New York.

Heard on the radio, Greece is bankrupt.

Heard on the radio, a hurricane hit China.

Heard on the radio, a sixteen year old very drunk girl in Stockhom, fell off a bridge and died.

Heard on the radio, peace in the Middle East is more far away than ever.

Heard on the radio, British Petrol is lying about the amount of leaking oil.

Heard on the radio, there's a civil war going on in central Bangkok, Thailand.

Sorry if I ruined your "Friday feeling", that was certainly not my intention. This is what the morning news is like on the Swedish national radio, while I'm having my breakfast. Seriously, every now and then it's some positive news but all in all, this is pretty much what it sounds like. If I remember correctly, this is some of the stuff I wrote down during a two week period some time ago. Pretty depressing isn't it?

On a more personal level, I've really had me some hectic weeks. It's been like an "orgy" in moving furniture, since both my mother in law and The Thomssons are moving at the moment. Aside from that it's been chaos in the Fröberg family, as we're getting closer to the summer school holiday, with LOTS of activities (even for us parents) and the kids schedule regarding soccer is hysterical right now, with 2-3 games every week for both of them. Some of the matches are over 100 km:s away which means it takes about a day (huh!), but don't forget it's funny! Before I forget, thank you all you wonderful people out there, for the feedback on the "FuturePast" video. I know it's not much, but I get the feeling that most of you really like the short samples and that means a lot. I mean I've been going on about this for a year now and it wouldn't have felt good, if you met the video with total silence or if you said it sounded like crap. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be a good boy! I'm gonna sing at a wedding in Dalby kyrka (Dalby church). I think I better round off this blog and start to prepare for tomorrows show, since I haven't had time to do that. By the way, after the wedding it's party time (another party), which means I'm really heading for a "killer weekend". I hope you are too!!!





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