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The summer is just around the corner, at least for us here in Sweden. Beside the fact that it's actually quite nice outside, the "World Cup 2010 in South Africa" is the perfect proof of that. This time Sweden didn't qualify (thanks to Denmark). Seriously, as soon as I saw that we had them in our qualification group (again), I said this time it's there turn. Sad for us I was right. On the other hand, earlier on we qualified on there behalf a couple of times, so I guess in the end some kind of justice has been made. Congratulations Denmark! As I told you last time, lately it's been hysterical! Not musically, loads of other stuff has been needed to take care of. I guess most of that's done by now and it's such a relief. Why is it that every year around this time, all hell breaks lose? Let me tell you, this year was definitely not an exception from the rule! Funny, just the other day I kind of realized that "Song for July" doesn't mean a shit if you live in Florida, Brazil, Thailand or whatever. I know the lyrics is a bit "nonsense" on that one, but if you live in the nothern part of the world this "nonsense" means a lot!

I also want you to know that I've decided to keep a low profile for a little while. That means I'm not gonna be that active here on MySpace or on facebook. I think that's a wise thing to do, so that you won't get fed up with HFMC or me before we release the album. In time before the release of "FuturePast", we'll be back with a new looking/sounding page and hopefully some good news and fresh blogs as well. During this period I'm gonna try to compose some more, experience some new things, so that I'll have something to write about and of course try to relax some. In the meantime, you can check out all our videos to really get into the right "FuturePast" mood. You can also check out all our related pages (see the links) and of course visit our beautiful official website http://www.hassefroberg.com and maybe say hi or something else in our very cool guestbook. Talking about MySpace pages, it never seems to stop. Magnus Friberg is now working on a HFMC South America MySpace page, in Spanish and Portuguese (is that the name of the language?) I think that's a good thing to do before we release the album! Before I'll let you go, I'll try to write the next blog: "Sweet" sometime next week.

Dear friends, have a wonderful summer and enjoy every minute of it. Before you know it, we'll be back!!!!!!!!





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