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...mmm...hmm...psst...hello...are you still out there? It's been over three weeks since my latest blogpost and I've never had such a long break since I started this page. We're also in the middle of July and I guess some of you are on, or is just about to go on vacation, which has been the reason for me, not to be online that much. Except for some short updates on facebook, there's been nothing since the blog "Sweet", that was written almost while the cab was waiting to take us to the airport (almost), that's why I spelled Stephen Booth wrong and even messed up Mari Ljungstedt's name. Mari who's responsible for the character Knutas and has the great scenery of Gotland and the beautiful town Visby, as the centre of her books. Anyway, we spent three weeks in USA which is the longest time our family has been away from home. We did a really cool thing. We spent our time in The States together with HFMC's bassplayer Thomssons family, which means that everything we did was twice as funny! I must be pretty old and grumpy nowadays. For every (long) trip I've done, the jetlag only gets worse, I'm actually writing this blog at three o clock in the middle of the night, while the rest of the family is asleep. I also wanna tell you that I brought a pen and some paper, to write down some "keywords" for some possible blogs in the near future.

As I haven't been online for over three weeks, there's plenty of things to take care of here on MySpace and facebook. The most important thing is to put up the "FuturePast snippets" to remind you, that there's actually an album that will be released soon. One great thing with the World Cup this year, is the fact that while we were in California, the early games started at seven o clock in the morning. That was the perfect start of the day for the Fröberg family before breakfast, since we had the whole day left then. I saw most of the semi-final between Holland and Uruguay on the Virgin America flight between LAX and JFK. I wonder how that game would have ended if Uruguay has had Suarez, Lugano and Fucile on the field? The semi-final between Germany and Spain, we saw at an Irish pub in the middle of Manhattan together with some crazy Spaniards. I have to say it's been a great and entertaining World Cup, even though Sweden didn't play (just kidding, ha ha). Good luck tonight guys!!!!!

The next blogpost: "FuturePast snippets" (I just saw that the page looks weird, everything has moved sideways. I'll take care of that asap). Don't forget to enjoy the summer while you can!







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