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It really breaks my heart to see that there's no recordstores around anymore. Being a music geek and record collector with 1 000's and 1 000's of CD's and vinyls, it's really depressing to see the state of the music business. I've been to New York and Los Angeles many times and you could see record shops, big or small both here and there. This time I found NONE! Except for Amoeba music in L.A. Amoeba music is placed on 6400 Sunset Boulevard (and Vine) and is truly a wet dream for a music fan like me. The staff is professional, truly interrested and genuinely willing to help. The store is big and I mean BIG, still it has a nice and lose atmosphere, with different sections for different genres. They also have different sections for CD's, vinyl and DVD's. You can also chose if you want to buy it new or used, as they have different sections for that as well. With great logotypes, cool bags for the records, a "trendy" feeling to it and the feeling that this is cool and exclusive. It really has everything you can wish for and it actually gives me hope , that there's actually a future after all! They got 2 more stores and I think they have the possibility to expand. Take a look, this is their website:

I remember in the eighties, almost once a year I/we travelled to London, to see some gigs, shop a little and of course buy records. Back then being a Swede, it was cheap to shop in London, which is not the fact nowadays. In those days they had plenty of small shops where you could buy used records for almost nothing. In Soho, pretty close to the legendary Marquee club, they had an outstanding shop where you also could buy books and magazines. You could get a copy of Kerrang (superb magazine back then), for half the price as the imported ones back in Sweden. On the other side of the street they had a pub, where I said hi to Ian Kilminster a couple of times and like the fine man everyone says he is, he always replied with a hi.

As this blog seems to have a very nostalgic touch to it, why not end it with a story from the "Stone age". The town I grew up in is placed 20 km's south of Uppsala (on bike that is). I guess me and my friend Janne must have been 12 years old and we were paid 35 kronor/month from our parents. As we didn't have a record shop in our hometown, we had to go to Uppsala to get a hold of one of those "magic and round plastic things", we so dearly needed. With our monthly 35 kronor, we couldn't afford both a record and the train, so we had to go there by bike. That means 40 km's back and forth my friends, I guess we were crazy after all. I especially remember one specific time, when I'd get a flat tire on our way home, just outside Uppsala. Janne and me had to walk back to the centre of the city and use a phone-booth to tell my dad about the dreadful situation. I still to this day remember what he looked like, when he arrived with the car to get us home. I guess he must've had something very important to do that we spoiled for him, as he looked very frustrated and wondered what this was good for. With adventures like this, you can imagine the feeling when I laid down on my bed, put on the record, looked and smelled at the beautiful vinyl covers, listened to the music and read the lyrics. If the music was good, it was as close to heaven you could get. By the way, Janne is the guy who's responsible for the layout of FuturePast (the cover and the booklet). Since he also was the bassplayer in one of my former bands "Solid Blue" you can really say this is like a family affair. Now I can only hope that you'll like our upcoming little "family jewel"!?

In case you've been away on vacation and missed it all? You can now preorder FuturePast. Just go to the main page and click on the album cover. Then you'll be directly transferred to Reingold Records shop, where you can make your purchase nice and easy. Okay friends, I'll leave you for now but I'll be back, sooner than you think. Next blog: "Four wheel drive"







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