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Now on saturday I have the priviligie to join The Flower Kings keyboardist Thomas Bodin and former Glenn Hughes (Spellbound) guitarplayer JJ Marsh, for an outdoor gig at Parksnäckan in Uppsala (Statsparken). It's the annual "Uppsala progressive rock festival" that's about to happen again. I have no idea what these geezers are up to, since we haven't rehearsed yet. I'm lucky enough to know what I'm supposed to do though. If the weather is fine (no thunderstorms, hurricanes or the first snow) Reingold Records will be there and organize a presale of the album for about an hour, sometime during the evening. If I'm lucky and if I have the time I'll be there as well, just to chat a little or just to "chill" for a while. On this evening there'll be more great bands such as Moon Safari and Generous Men. If I were you, I wouldn't miss this for anything in the world and remember. You can even get a copy of FuturePast almost 2 weeks prior to the release.

At the moment my head is almost reaching the "boiling point". Lucky for me, the things I have to deal with is inspiring and fun. The interviews for Futurepast are lining up, starting tomorrow. There's gigs to book (try to book, I might add) and I've got some other special guest appearances beside the show now on saturday to prepare for as well, then it's the rehearsing, then of course it's all the everyday stuff that needs to be taken care of. I actually had plans to try to get rid of my 3 kg.s + after our trip to the States and some nice and easy living during the summer. I guess that have to wait 'til another life?

Sorry for repeating myself but people has been away on vacation etc. and some of them doesn't have a clue that you can now preorder FuturePast. All you have to do, is to go back to the main page and click on the album cover. There you will be directly transferred to Reingold Records shop, where you can buy this item. It's really just as easy as that. If you follow these directions you'll probably be one of the first persons in the world to have a listen at it!

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