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One thing has totally passed me by. There seems to be a whole lotta people out there who wants to see the list of songs on the album. Along this "bumpy ride" of recording FuturePast", I've constantly refused to give you my thoughts about the songs. In the end it's up to you to decide what you think and so even this time. What I'll give you is the titles and the length of the songs:

"Sounds from the empire" - 01.27
"Fallen empire" - 10.19
"Song for July" - 04.57
"Piece of the sky" - 14.17
"I wouldn't change a thing" - 06.29

"Above" - 10.26
"Everyday" - 04.54
"The ultimate thrill" - 06.34
"Only my blood" - 13.00

What a beautiful evening it was. First of all, we had one of those tropical nights with 20 degrees celsius in the middle of the night. Before that we managed to sell lots of copies and lots of autographs were signed. I guess I watched Thomas and J.J from an audience point of view for about 20 minutes and they sounded beautiful. At the end of the set I joined the guys for 4 songs. The TFK tunes "Touch my heaven" and "Stardust we are", the Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir" and the wonderful symphonic hymn "Soon" by Yes. The evening was also blessed by the presence of two TFK bass players. Jonas was very happy with the presales so far and the kind of "positive trend", he's noticed about the whole thing. Talking about presales. You can now preorder "FuturePast". Just go to the main page and click on the album cover. There you will be directly transferred to Reingold Records shop, where you can make your purchase nice and comfortable. Even Michael Stolt (Roines younger brother) and original TFK bass player was at the gig. He arrived to the venue by boat on Fyrisån (the river that divides Uppsala into two parts (east and west). I know I promised some of the guys in Moon Safari and some of the organizers, that I was gonna end the evening at Hi-Jazz but as you probably noticed, that didn't happen. Captain Mike served us champagne on the boat and lots of laughs as well and all of a sudden the clock was 2.30. If you 're reading this, I'm sorry, let's do it next time instead.

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