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Just wanted to let you know that the tickets are now available to both of the Swedish HFMC concerts. It feels almost a little stupid to write this in English but I've been informed that we'll have guests from abroad at the shows and for the guys and me that feels fantastic! Imagine to reach out to people in such a way that they decide to take time off from their job and then travel to Sweden to experience a live show with HFMC. That's truly amazing and overwhelming, at least to me. The tickets to the show at Fabriken/Strömpilen in Umeå on October 23 can be bought at:, Burmans musik and www.ticnet. Buy your tickets in time! If you have the time (and the will) remember to sign the event, just to make a little "hype" http:// For the show on Katalin in Uppsala, you can buy the tickets at: www.ticnet, UNT city and UKK:s biljettkassa. The same goes for you as well. Buy the tickets in time!

On monday we'll continue with rehearsals. We were forced to take an unwanted break because our schedules didn't synchronize at all. From next week and further on it looks a bit better. I just mentioned the word rehearsal. Tonight I'm gonna rehearse with the coverband Playboys from Uppsala. Their singer Bosse had to do surgery in the throat and is now forbidden to talk for 2 weeks, which means I'm gonna stand in for him for 2 gigs. One of them being a show at a private party for a big company in Stockholm now on thursday. The second one will take place on a cruise between Stockholm and Helsinki on the 27-28/9 (Silja Line). Maybe the timing wasn't perfect, regarding all the things that's going on at the moment. On the other hand, it gives me the chance to get back the flow, the timing and all the other stuff that's relevant when you're up on stage.

If you got the album don't read. Otherwise, go to the mainpage and click on the albumcover (FuturePast). Then you will be directly transferred to Reingold Records shop where you can buy a copy of FuturePast, just like that. If you live in the U.S, ProgRock records is the place to go to purchase this album. Dear friends, enjoy the rest of the week.

The next blog is titled "Chemistry" and will be published sometime in the future.







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