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Right now we're just about a month away from the first gigs in the history of HFMC. After an involuntary break for a while, we picked up the rehearsals again last night. I have to admit, up until the coffe break we sounded pretty dull. After that we took off and I feel we're back on the right track again. Yesterday the focus was on the sounds and I absolutely believe that when it's time, we'll sound BIG when we're supposed to and we'll also be able to really sound soft and "fragile", when that is needed.

I just mentioned sounds. I have to say these guys are unbelievable. Thomsson has once again bought a new bass. This time his new darling is a black little beauty, a Music Man Stingray that sounds great. Ola also brings some new gadgets to his kit every now and then and Kjelle is always trying to improve the sounds on his modules. By now I think (hope) my economy has recovered since the recording and the vacation (USA), so that I can buy a new amp as well, since I don't wanna come second to the other guys. No one can compete with Anton though. His wallet has been wide open for a while and everytime he shows up, he's got a new guitar, a new amp, a new effectpedal or why not a new "rack". I guess I need a bigger car next time I'm gonna catch up Anton and all his stuff.

Remember to buy the tickets in time to the HFMC shows in Umeå at Fabriken/Strömpilen on October 23 and the concert in Uppsala at Katalin on October 27. Also, do yourself a favour and buy a copy of FuturePast in good time before the gig, so that you're familiar with the material. That way you'll improve the chances of experiencing a "killer " concert tremendously much! The tickets can be bought at ticnet and Burmans for the Umeå show. The tickets to Katalin can be bought at ticnet and UNT:s biljettkassa. To get a copy of FuturePast, the easiest way is to buy it directly from Reingold Records in Europe (see the link on the main page). ProgRock records is taking care of our distribution in the U.S, so it's cheaper for you guys to order it from their shop. And I can now also declare that you can buy FuturePast on Itunes. I'll put up a proper link anyday now. I guess the only thing I can add to this blog right now is: "Let there be rock"

In the future a blog: Chemistry"





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