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A while ago I spent my days answering questions about this and that regarding HFMC and FuturePast. I did some interviews for radio, phone interviews for magazines and websites. I also did a couple of interviews via mail. It's hard to keep track of all this, but here I can show you an interview that was published in the latest issue of the Dutch magazine "DPRP". I also have the honour of showing you an interview all the way from Uzbekistan, in their magazine "Progressor" (where the heck did they find that pick? I've never ever seen it myself. Just love it!). During those 4-5 days of interviews, I really have to say I enjoyed it. It was like you finally could state once and for all that FuturePast is officially out in the open and that there's no turning back. You have to make the best out of it. You won't get anything for free, you have to work your of for every sold album and lucky for me, I've at least had some fantastic reviews to help me along the way. Here you got the "double review" in the latest issue of "DPRP:

I really start to feel like an echo of myself but tonight HFMC will gather once again. It's gonna be interresting to see if anything got stucked in our tired old brains, from the "Marathon rehearsal" we did last saturday? Citizens of Umeå and Uppsala and of course all the rest of you homosapiens out there! Do yourself the favour to experience HFMC live at Fabriken/Strömpilen in Umeå 101023 - Tickets = Ticnet, Burmans and Biljettcentrum or/and Katalin in Uppsala 101027 - Tickets = Ticnet and UNT:s biljettkassa.

To get the best out of the gigs, you should invest in a brand new copy of FuturePast. It might not only be the CD that changed your life. It'll also boost up your experience from the concerts immensily. FuturePast can very easily be bought at Reingold Records (just click on the link "the album cover" on the mainpage) in Europe. In the US it's easier and cheaper to order the CD from ProgRock records. Of course you can buy it on Itunes and record stores as well. Lots of information here. Just relax and everything will turn out fine. I promise you!

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