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Right now it feels like God just shook my hand and told me I've been a good boy! Being brought up with first and foremost British Rock and British "music press", a thing like this really hits you on the "sweet spot". As a kid I sat in the library and read NME and papers like that along with the British Rock magazines that arrived to the library every now and then. Very often I had the headphones on, with the latest Rock`n´Roll record they had in store. It was there I heard "Four Wheel Drive", the great Bachman Turner Overdrive album for the first time. It was there I heard the Queen album "A day at the Races" that I had been waiting for, for a while. It was actually at the library I often decided which record to invest my money in, that specific month. Later on when I started to earn money myself, I bought every Kerrang (still got them somewhere) that came out for maybe 4 or 5 years. I just loved the way Paul Suter, Malcolm Dome, Mark Putterford and the rest of the crew wrote their articles, reviews or reports from the road with various bands. I mean I'm vey honoured, proud and happy for all the fantastic reviews that FuturePast has had so far, but to have it in a BIG British magazine like "Classic Rock", just gives it all that extra little twist. I have to give it to mr. Dave Ling who wrote the review, that he writes just as as fine as the names I just mentioned. Unfortunately I can't find a link to the review but as he sums it up he states that: "an extremely good record it is". The FuturePast review can be seen in the latest "Classic Rock presents Prog" magazine (the one with Jon Andersson and Rick Wakeman on the cover).

Not only that, we've just had a fabulous review in the guitar orientated magazine "Vintage Guitar", that's very big in the US. The last days I've received some messages from American fb friends that congratulated me for the fine review in this very magazine. Personally I didn't have a clue about it until last friday. The review is truly VERY positive! For me, the most funny and interresting thing with this review, is the fact that they've even mentioned my guitar playing, WOW! How about that! That review can be found in the latest issue of "Vintage Guitar" (the one with Hendrix on the cover). I hope I can find some links to this stuff later on.

Last night we played the setlist from start to finish for the first time. We're gonna do it again tonight and on thursday we're gonna do our secret gig. Kjelle and me we'll also meet this afternoon to work out an arrangement, for a little tune that we plan to play. Get your records, get your tickets, let there be ROCK!

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