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This morning I woke up still a little tired but with a good feeling and a smile on my face. This saturday we drove mile after mile under a clear blue sky, with a generous sunshine to light up our way, on our trip to Umeå. Inside the bus, our muscles in the stomach (abs maybe?) were cramping of all the laughs during our eight our drive. I have to confess, it's a wonder we could keep ourselves at least a little bit serious during the concert. Talking about the gig, I have to say the atmosphere was great, with a fine support from the audience, who truly seemed to connect with what was going on at the stage. I also have to say thank you BIG time to Birgitta Markinhuhta of course, but also all the other ones involved, you know who you are. Thanks a lot, it's very much appreciated.

An hour ago I checked out the HFMC official website and I was very surprized to see that we're just about to hit 26 000 people, that has checked out our guestbook. The most marvellous thing with it though, is to read all the positive words about FuturePast and HFMC from people all around the world. In case you wanna check it out, here's the link:

Next stop Katalin in Uppsala now on wednesday. It's almost like torture, when you've done a couple of gigs and you really can feel that the music is developing in the right direction and then you have to wait for what seems like an eternity, until the tour will continue/begin. When Katalin is history, I'm gonna continue to try to book HFMC, now we just have to wait and see what I can come up with. Hopefully we can get a gig in your hometown, or a town close to you in the spring of 2011. If everything works as planned, we'll do it together with Moon Safari, like a Swedish progressive rock combo tour. In my opinion, I think we can complete each other musically in a way that will make those upcoming concerts interresting. Now I'm gonna celebrate those first concerts of HFMC with a dinner. After that I'll make me some freshly brewed coffe and some delicious chocolate "pralines", who travelled all the way from Ireland. It was long time TFK fan Keiko, who paid HFMC a visit in Umeå and gave us this fabulous box of "unhealthy?" sweets. I guess I could say I'm just about an hour away from one of those "halllelujah" moments that you wish you could experience everyday. Before I forget, safe travels home Keiko and take care. Now I just wish it was wednesday, around eight o clock and that we were just about to enter the stage! Until then!

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