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Life can be a mystery? A while back I got a message on facebook and yesterday we had our second meeting about it. I have to say that in the end this might turn out into something quite extraordinary? Yesterday, I talked to an old friend of mine who said that things were moving in a certain direction? I know it couldn't get anymore cryptic than this but sometime in the future I hope I'll be able to say, remember where you heard it first with this blog in mind. Yesterday I also got a phonecall from the "Swedish Bureau of Taxes" (could that be the name of Skattemyndigheten, I haven't got a clue?), who said they had some questions for me. WHOO! Could it get anymore scary than that? Yesterday evening I also received the video to our song "Fallen Empire" and it makes me so sad to say, that I feel it doesn't suit the HFMC concept or the image of the band. The only one to blame here is me, who didn't give Kenneth and Gerri any directions whatsoever. I'm sorry I wasted their time, but I know they're great at what they're doing and I wish them the best of luck in the future!

By now I guess all of you blog readers out there knows I'm trying to book a tour. It's not excactly a picnic and I guess I've gained LOTS of grey hair while doing it. If there'll be a next time, I'm definitely gonna hire another guy to do it. The plan was to do the tour together with the Swedish band Moon Safari, like a "double bill" (combo) tour. Unfortunately they'll not be able to do it because of other obligations, which means we're on our own from now on. I'm not saying I'm the most experienced musician there is when it comes to touring, but I know one thing. I know it takes a lot to pull a crowd, be interresting enough to make the auidence show up at the gigs. It's not excactly like we're the only band out there who's looking for your attention. As soon as I got all the dates confirmed, I'm gonna ask you to help me out on this one. Help me out with creating a "buzz" about the tour. It might be things like talking about it on different webforums, asking your local radio station to play our music, promote the tour on your personal facebook and MySpace sites or other web related stuff. Last but not least, don't forget to bring ALL your friends and relatives including Grandma to the concerts! I'll get back to you later on the subject, when I have all the details. Take care out there!







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