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I had me some breakfast a little while ago and it strucked me, it's been a while since I informed you about what's going on in the HFMC camp. We're just about to start to rehearse some new material, we're gonna do that now on saturday. That means it's once again time for a "moment of truth" situation. I have to confess, I absolutely don't know what to expect of what the guys will think of the new songs? I'm mighty excited and frankly a little nervous about it. At the same time we have to continue to prepare for the upcoming gigs but that's just as inspiring.

By now I feel I have to give you at least a little something about the gigs. The first one next year will take place in Oslo on 110127. HFMC has actually been invited to perform with Norwegian band Magic Pie at their "Release party" at the great rock club John Dee. We will start the evening with one hour of music and then Magic Pie will end the night. The next gig that's confirmed is Musikens Hus in Gothenburgh on 110226. It's the now legendary society GARF, who's booked like a nice indoor festival at the end of the winter. The classic Swedish rock (prog) band Wasa Express with none other than Dr. Åke Eriksson on drums will open the show. We will go on after that and then the Gothenburgh based Genesis cover band Lone Star Retractor (which are supposed to be very good) will end the night. In my ears those nights in Oslo and Gothenburgh sounds like real "killer nights", so I advice you all to be there!

About the gigs, I'm sad to say we had to skip England this time because of what could be described as the lousiest timing ever. It was Miles who tried to help me out with the British dates, who was honest and had the courage to tell me what the situation was like, in and around week 10. This means I might have to "reschedule" some of the other gigs (if possible?). After this I won't probably have any grey hair, as I probably won't have any hair at all. Seriously, I'm fine it's just that it feels like I've done 12 rounds of Heavy weight boxing with my 72 kilos.

Yesterday morning we had 22 below zero celsius, which means that you'll hardly gonna meet any mosquitos out there. That's about the only positive thing I can find when it's as cold as that, except for the beautiful landsape and the white and frosty trees. It's now December and it's soon Christmas time and FuturePast is still the perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones. You can order it from Reingold Records (Europe), ProgRock Records (US), Amazon,, Ginza or why not Itunes or your local recordstore. Take care out there and remember to try to find the "real" Christmas spirit!







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