Road report nr.1

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I didn't even panic. When I look back at it, I was calm and I didn't read any symbolic things into it. At 06.45 in the morning of saturday 110227, Ola called me and said that the battery to the bus was dead. He'd even tried to recharge the batteries with his own recharger but with no luck. After some pointless tries with different cars, another neighbour of Ola showed up with a battery recharger that looked like a nuclear robot and all of a sudden the bus was in terrific shape again. Ola left his house one and a half hour later than we decided but with the help of eating lunch in the bus, we almost made it to Gothenburgh in time.

"Musikens Hus" is a great venue, I've played there with The Flower Kings before. The event of the evening was like a "small" festival. First off was Darxtar who played a kind of psychedelic rock with electric violin as a major ingredient in their sound. After that it was time for Wasa Express to hit the stage with their rare blend of fusion and the sound of Swedish pop made in the eighties. We all liked their set a lot, since it felt and sounded both vital (even though some of the members are retired +65) and funny. As I remember the old vinyl records they did back in the seventies and eigthies, they sounded in my ears a lot better today than they did on record back then. Then it was time for us to enter the stage. I don't know if it was because our last reharsals were really good, or if we weren't humble enough for the mission? To me our first gig was musically a little bit lame and it never really took off. It might just have been one of those days but most of the audience seemed happy about it though. Nevertheless, you always leaves the stage with an uncomfortable feeling when you know you could have done better.

Next stop Lund. A relaxed and cozy afternoon at the music store "Into Music", a gig promoted by none other than TFK bassist and president of Reingold Records, Jonas Reingold. After Jonas, Lalle and Kristers great performance, we did an alternative set that I think turned out allright. I felt a little bit sorry for Kjell though, who had a miserable sound in his little corner and on top of that his mixer went "bananas". After the gig we all gathered at Reingolds chateu for dinner and drinks. I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone involved including Frenzi Vervest, Keiko Inoue and Ingela Ekemark who also attended the dinner, that a good time were held by all. Thanks a lot Inger and Jonas for a splendid evening!

More to come next week, about our first gigs abroad and all the adventures that happens to a travelling band. All of this can be read in the next "Road report nr.2"







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