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It didn't come as a surprize. When it comes to promoting the tour, I've learn't that I should have used the fact that I'm a member of The Flower Kings a lot more. It doesn't matter how you look at it, TFK is an established band with a following all over the world. I'm not unaware of this, I guess over the time I've been active with HFMC, it has slowly faded away. When I look back at it now, you guys who told me that, you were right. It should have been out there loud and clear, on posters, in interviews etc. Hasse - the singer from The Flower Kings, instead of Hasse - who?

...so... friends in Norway: My name is Hasse Fröberg and I've been singing in The Flower Kings for 14 years now. I'm gonna bring my new band "The Musical Companion" to your beautiful country and play some tunes for you, together with your fellow country men in "Magic Pie". We're gonna do 3 shows together in the south of Norway:

110408 - Backstage, Skien
110409 - Arendal Kulturhus, Arendal
110410 - John Dee, Oslo

This will be a weekend of "blazing" live music, love and positive energy. In other words, excactly what you need after this long and cold winter. Prog and Rock fans of Norway, this will be a weekend to remember - "Magic Pie" and "Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion" LIVE!!! BE THERE!!!

Since FuturePast was released about 7 months ago, I've now realized that the album has grabbed people in a way I couldn't even have dreamt of. I'm so grateful for that and the same goes for the lads in the band as well. I know there's quite a few journalists out there that regards FuturePast as one of the top releases of 2010 and that's fantastic. If there's one thing that's even better, that's when you (the consumers, the listeners) tells you that your album means a lot to them for different reasons. That's the best reward you can get! I don't know if this means anything in the end. I can tell you one thing though, it sure as heck feels fabulous when you know that the people/audience has put their vote on you. In fact so much that you can see your name and your record in black and white, together with other releases you really like and respect, that's truly fan-tas-tic!


Maybe perfect timing would be an even better title for this blog, since those amazing news came at a point when the lads and me are rehearsing for our next album. THANK YA'LL!!





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