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After one week of sales, "Strength" (the charity for Japan poject) had raised 331.86 US dollars in downloads, which is quite impressive if you aks me. I received the information yesterday from the head of "Melodic Revolution Records" Nick Katona, who's resposible for all this. Personally I didn't think twice when it comes to being part of this and I know The Musical Companion likes the idea too. To us it was obvious it was the right thing to do.

Ever since I visited Japan with The Flower Kings in 1999, the people and the country got stucked in my mind. Before that, the Japanese rockers took Spellbound to their hearts. The Spellbound fanclub received lots of mail back then and most of them came from Japan. At one point, I guess it was in 1986, I had 2 Japanese ladies or maybe I should say girls outside my parents house one day. I don't know if my memory fails me but it must have been their lucky day because we were rehearsing. At first I paniced because I wasn't sure what to do, but after a while we invited them to listen while we were preparing for the tour. After that they followed us for 3 gigs. I remember it was a beautiful Swedish summer (at least everytime we had a show). They travelled by train and all the gigs we did were outdoors. In fact after one of those gigs a big and spontaneous party were held after the concert that included both Spellbound and another Swedish metal band called Madison. That band had a familiar name behind the michrophone. A man that by now has lent his voice to numerous bands in the metal genre and at the moment he's a member in Jonas Reingold's Karmakanic, mr. Göran Edman. Once again, it proves we're living in a small world.

I've allready written a blog (way back) about The Flower Kings stay in Japan, don't worry I won't bother you with that again. I can just state that it was an experience, a memory for life and from the bottom of my heart, I really hope you'll get back on your feet again as soon as possible!

Tonight we're gonna play for the last time before our Norwegian weekend. The setlist is settled and we're just gonna run through it once. This weekend Magic Pie and Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion:

110408: Lucky Luke - Moss

110409: Arendal Kulturhus - Arendal

110410: John Dee - Oslo

The perfect vitamins for the spring and the summer. BE THERE!!!







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