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How did this happen? I'm not sure but as I remember it, Erling Midtstue (manager of Norwegian band Magic Pie) sent me a mail and asked me if Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion and Magic Pie could do a gig together in Stockholm. As usual I thought it was best to be honest, so I told him it's gonna be tough. Apart from playing on private occassions, I haven't played in Stockholm since the last gig we did there with The Flower Kings at "Gröna Lunds Teatern", maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I don't have the connections to get to the "right" clubs, whoever they might be nowadays. Still, I had discussions with a rock club on Sveavägen called "Anchor" but it was no money to be made there, not even a "door deal". I guess it might be good to use the venue for a "release party", or if you're young and willing to play for some beers, it might be a suitable place. The club has been around for ages and have lots of regulars hanging there, mostly metal fans and bikers. It's a good gig though, since it's very often a full house.

To make a long story short. Thanks to Erling, we ended up with 3 gigs in Norway instead. If we would have played all the venues and cities that were "meant" to be, this would have been like a giant "worldtour" of Norway. I've only met Erling once (as far as I know) and that was during our gig in Gothenburgh. I mean I don't know the guy but he seems very ambitious and equally as stubborn, since he never seems to give up. Thanks to his endless work, we now have 3 gigs to look forward to. No matter what information you've heard before, forget about it. The dates and the gigs are now settled:

110408: Lucky Luke - Moss

110409: Arendal Kulturhus - Arendal

110410: John Dee - Oslo

It's really a shame it didn't work out in Trondheim. It would've been great to come back there with HFMC. I only have great memories from the gigs with TFK there. On the other hand, it feels just as good to visit Moss and Arendal for the first time and finally get the ""Revenge of the moose" at John Dee in Oslo. No matter what Roine or anybody says, I consider the premiere gig of our "The sum of no evil" tour with TFK at Rockefeller (same building another floor) maybe 4 years ago, to be the worst gig in the history of TFK. A moose, no sleep, no soundcheck, a new drummer, a new sound engineer and a new crew, proved to be too many circumstances for a "perfect" premiere gig. Let's hope our premiere gig of our next leg of the "FuturePast tour 2010/2011 with HFMC will turn out a whole lot better. Since we're gonna open these shows, we're gonna change the set list a little but I can promise you one thing, it's gonna rock just as good! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the show(s) that never ends! Magic Pie and Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion in Moss, Arendal and Oslo. A serious advice to you all: Do not miss this, it might cause a sincere damage to your musical health!







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