Road report nr:3

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Sometimes it just takes off in a positive direction from the word go. Just as the bus left the Uppsala city limit, the sky turned blue and we were already laughing so hard we were in tears. When it comes to the music I had the feeling that Magic Pie and HFMC would suit each other pretty good. When it comes to the economy of the "Norwegian weekend", I wasn't as sure. In fact I took a "big" risk but now when I have the answer, I can inform you that nr 1: Yes, I like to believe that we completed each other musically in a positive way. Nr 2: I didn't lose any money, considering what it's like playing music nowadays, I guess that's a win win situation?

First stop Moss - Lucky Luke looked pretty much what it sounds like with a neat little stage, still with enough room for both of the bands. Even if the sound on stage wasn't up to standard, the sound in the hall must have been "killer" thanks to Olav Rygg (sound engineer), who took care of us all weekend. It didn't take long before you could feel the energy and the enthusiasm from the audience and by the end of the set, we could really feel that we'd grabbed them by the balls.

Second stop Arendal - What a place! Arendal Kulturhus proved to be one of the best venues we've played so far. Everything was top notch including the audience, that really deserved the best. In my humble opinion we might have done the best gig so far during our FuturePast tour 2010/20111 that very night.

Third stop Oslo - I've played John Dee with The Flower Kings before and it's also a superb venue. I know we were tired and maybe a little stressed before the show but as soon as we played the first chord, I could feel that this was gonna be a hell of a night. Maybe we were a little more "on the spot" the night before, but we were more "loose" than ever and I couldn't help but smile throughout the whole set.

I had met Erling once before when we played in Gothenburgh a month ago and he's a really nice chap and I have to say that goes for the rest of the bunch in Magic Pie as well. I don't know if they wanna hear this but I guess they're on the same level as us mentally. They better decide for themselves if that's good or bad? Nevertheless we hitted off immediately, laughing our asses off between the gigs. In Moss it was a late night and an early morning as we had to catch the ferry at 08.15 to get to Arendal in time. When we arrived I thought we ended up in Malaga because of the heat. We even had coffe outdoors in a café just in t-shirts. After the show a party were held backstage and eventually some of us "carried the torch" further, all the way up to room 404 at Park Inn, Arendal. By now we'd all reached such a philosophical level that we probably could have won the Noble Prize, every single one of us. After a couple of hours of sleep (or maybe seconds, I don't know?), 5 Lemmys on a "bad hair" day entered the tour bus to get to Oslo. As soon as we got to John Dee, we had to work fast because of the limited time we had before the show. We managed to get a "killer" sound on stage but we didn't manage to get dinner. At eight thirty sharp we entered the stage once again to the sound of "Bosse Bildoktor" and actually made our most energetic performance to date! After Magic Pie's set, we were forced to say goodbye and then we ended the night on a night club (very mature?). At eight o clock in the morning it was time to say goodbye to Oslo and start our way back home to Uppsala, the "Norwegian weekend" had come to an end. On behalf of the lads in The Musical Companion I would like to thank everyone involved in this little adventure. No one mentioned, no one forgotten. "Rock'n'Roll" Hallelujah!

From now on, I'm gonna concentrate on writing. First of all I have to compose for the follow up to FuturePast and then it's of course the still "secret project". This means I'm gonna be a bit slow writing the blogs but I promise to keep you updated on things. Take care out there!







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