The crime of the century

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Was it an omen? Did it mean anything at all? In that case, what did it tell you? It all started with a giant laugh, when one of the guys of the filmcrew told us he did his sex debut in the room where the drums were recorded. That somehow put us all in a "feelgood mode" that lasted throughout the whole day. Another surprize that day was that for the last 4 years I've been living 500 meters from a first class studio without even knowing it. It seems like Big Jambo Studios don't need any promotion, since it's heavily booked anyway. Last friday we tracked 2 songs for what I've been referring to as "the secret project". For this session we used Martin "Axe" Axenrot on drums (Opeth), J.J Marsh (Glenn Hughes amongst others) on guitar, and Michael Stolt (The Flower Kings amongst others) on bass. I'll get back to this later as it's time tell you how it all started.

About a half a year ago I got a phonecall from Pär Holmgren, who's been giving us the weather forecast on our biggest TV channel SVT for approximately 10 years (or something like that). Today he has changed his career and he's now a lecturer and an author, travelling around the world delivering lectures about the climate, about what's going on and what's gonna happen if we carry on like we do today. To make a long story short, on the phone he told me he loved the music and lyrics of "FuturePast". He thought the mix of simplicity and advanced stuff in my music would be perfect for an idea he had - a Rock Musical about the climate! To me, a rock musical sounds almost too big, too pretentious. Even if that's what it is, I like to think of it as a couple of songs with an urgent topic. At first I was happy as it sounded very tempting. After a couple of meetings I realized that this means a whole lotta work, actually more than I can handle on my own. That resulted in me calling Tomas Bodin (collegue from The Flower Kings), who thought about it for about one second before he said yes. It was no coincidence Tomas was the first one I asked. His previous work with Riksteatern and Uppsala Statsteater as a composer made him nr.1 on my list. That plus his unique playing and his knowledge and love for classical music, makes me believe that we can be the perfect match for this challenge. Even though Tomas and me have been playing together in The Flower Kings for over 12 years, we haven't written one single note together. As it is now Tomas and me have been working after a synopsis written by Pär. So far we've written 4 songs and by now we've even recorded the backing tracks for 2 of them: "How is the world doing today" and "I don't believe it". We have 4 main characters, that will almost have like a "trademark sound" of their own. I'm not sure, but in my sick and twisted ears the first 4 songs sounds like "The Beatles goes The Sweet" and "Genesis goes Rammstein" and just about everything inbetween. I know it sounds like a crazy mix of music. The point is that the music needs to follow the different characters through their different phases in the play. I know the topic ain't excactly uplifting, therefore we decided that both the music and the lyrics should be "populistic" and easy to follow.

I'm not sure we have a specific plan but if we do? The first thing has to be to try to get a record deal. Second, to try to get sponsorships (suitable ones). Third, to try to get some interresting "famous" singers and musicians to join the project. It was great to work with Tomas, J.J and Michael in the studio again (it's been a while) but it was a real treat to have Martin helping us out on this session. Of course he's a terrific drummer but he's also 15-20 years younger than the rest of us, with different references and influences than we have. One other great thing is him being part of the massively influential and modern progressive metal band Opeth. That gives us the possibility to reach out to a totally different crowd than we usually do. Overall that's an important part of bringing different musicians to the project. Not only do we get their musical input, you get the chance to reach out to their audience as well. I wish I could give you a deadline, when we're supposed to be ready but as it is now I can't. It's very hard to foresee how much time this will take. All I'm saying is, bare with me folks it might be worth it in the end. On behalf of Pär Holmgren (script and responsible for it all), Tomas Bodin (composer and musician), Bart van der Gaag (filming the documentary), Daniel Reichberg (taking care of the soon to be official website) and me (composer, musician and maybe even one of the roles in the play), we've now OFFICIALLY started the work for "THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY"!

...pssst! From now on you'll get information and updates from the official website of "The Crime Of The Century". I'll get back to you with the proper adress as soon as it's up and running.







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