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Some might call it "love", some might say "feelings for each other, or just that we "like each other". No matter what, it was great to have all the Gents under the same roof again. In fact, I guess I prefer to call it love (if you cut out the sex that is). It must have been the tour, which once again has prooved to be the ultimate "male bonding experience", that has made us this close in such a short time. The purpose for this gathering was to check out the lads calendars, when and where shall we do the recording, how shall we do it (more or less live like on FuturePast again or?). We discussed possible gigs, tours, festivals. We even discussed if it's worth the cost to make a video to one of the songs, to promote the upcoming album. That plus some other maybe not so important stuff.

At the same time as we started to rehearse for the tour earlier this spring, I introduced the guys to some of the material. In fact we even started to work on four of the songs. The impression I have so far is that it's a natural progression from the songs on FuturePast, maybe a little harder except for the ballad "Waves". One thing I expressed last night was that I expected the lads to have more input in the music this time, as I had all the arangements ready for all the instruments before we started to work on FuturePast. I've learnt from our previous recording that I'm not gonna give you a date for release. I can give you one thing though, I think it's realistic to say that we'll be ready to hit the stuio sometime in late October.

This is the first time I have to work in a "schizofrenic" way, considering that I'm working with the Rock Musical "The Crime Of The Century" at the same time. All I can say is that hopefully one thing will help the other and not the other way around. From what I understand I have to have several different personalities, as I'm supposed to do my part/singing for "The Hope" project (a project led by Australian singer Mark Trueack from Unitopia) this autumn as well and who knows, there might be even another recording later on? There you go dear friends, as you can see I got my hands full. I have to say it's really inspiring to start the next chapter in the book of Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion. Tomorrow it's "Midsommarafton" (Midsummers eve), which is the big thing in Sweden in the summer so therefore I'm gonna leave you by saying: "Glad midsommar och skål tamejfan!"







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