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The Jameson test is a 100% scientific reliable test. As I'm a very emotional guy (at least when I drink), I like to take a closer look at my "babys" when the dust has settled. By that I mean you can't listen to your music directly after the recording is finished. You need at least a 3 - 4 week perspective, before you dare to do the Jameson test. Otherwise your mind and brain might be "clouded" by possible mistakes or blunders in the mix, or maybe not so strong moments during the mastering. Before I continue I'd like to explain, that this is something I've done over the years with all the albums I've been involved in from maybe "Stardust we are" or maybe "Alive on planet earth" by The Flower Kings, up until now.

The Jameson test for "Powerplay" took place in my livingroom on saturday April 21st, at midnight. Prior to the test I was at a birthday party, so I was actually in perfect "shape" for the test.

Equipment used:

Jameson Whisky
Powerplay CD
Headphones (at a ridiculously loud volume).

This is of course my personal impressions of the test but the first thing that strucked me was the tempo. The songs on "Powerplay" are generally faster than the ones on "FuturePast" and the playing maybe more "relevant". Even though our latest opus has a couple of ballads on it and the most experimental song I've written so far in "The final hour", the overall feeling to me (being pretty pissed of course), is that it's faster (I just said that), wilder and more "crazy". I'm not saying our latest album is better or worse than our previous one, that's for you to decide. What I like to say though, is that there's definitely a lot more "action" on the latest one.

The most positive thing with a test like this, is that you listen more to the songs and less to the production and yes, the Jameson test left me with a good feeling! The day after the test is another story though. I would like to quote HFMC keyboardplayer Kjell Haraldssons favourite artist, "Carl Gerhard" on this one: I felt like a "newly burped Otter"!

For information: Powerplay is now for sale. Grab a copy and build your own idea of what HFMC and "Powerplay" is about. You can buy the CD at: or Amazon,, Ginza, Itunes, your local record store to name a few. Keep music alive and keep your Prog Rocking!







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