Powerplay road report nr.2. (Prisoners in paradise)

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I know Katalin like my own backyard, guess that's what makes it so special to play there. I've done gigs there myself several times over the years, as well as I've witnessed some more or less spectacular shows with other bands as well. One thing that really makes the HFMC gigs at Katalin (two so far)special, are our foregn visitors. This time we had guests from Japan, Holland and Ireland and as we don't want to spoil their trip with a lousy gig, we really need to go for it 110%. Once again, I really can't find a way to show our appreciation for your support? I hope you know and understand we all love you BIG TIME!!! Anyway, I think the gig turned out fine and after a "heavy dose of handshaking and hugs" with the Katalin crowd, where I met people I haven't seen for decades (which was great), we all headed back to our homes for some hours of sleep.

Guess I managed to sleep for at least two out of the three hours I stayed in bed, before I took the bus and catched up the rest of HFMC for our trip to Umeå. This time the gig was organized by the newly started Umeå Art Rock Society, who did a heck of a job...thank you guys! After a seven hour drive we ended up back at the scene of the crime. In other words, the same venue as last time called Studion, where we in fact did our first HFMC gig ever. After dinner we once again became "inmates" as we checked in at the hotel "The Prison" (which is exactly what it is, an old prison), where we all crashed for an hour, before we headed back to the gig. Back at the venue, Inner Voices had already started to play and you could already tell that the audience was in a good mood. By the time we hit the stage, the atmosphere was warm but yet with a sense of high expectations. Among the guys in the front seats we had our Japanese friends Naoko Shibuya and Keiko Inoue, who followed us from Uppsala to Umeå but they were not alone this evening. I have to say that Umeå has a way of making us feel good, play good and this time was no exception from the rule. Many positive things happpened during this weekend but for me personally the highlight was. Well...it's gotta be, to hear the people shout and rant between the songs: "HASSE ÄR KUNG...(Hasse is king). Of course I expect to hear that at evey gig in the future from now on hahaha....just kidding.

We got some more gigs before I start touring with TFK again later on. Upcoming HFMC gigs:

July 06 - de Lakei, Helmond (NDL)
July 07 - Night of the Prog, Loreley DEU)
August 11 - Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival, Parksnäckan i Uppsala (SWE)

Welcome to the shows Ladies and Gentlemen!!!





HP: http://spellboundjp.web.fc2.com/


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