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There's always things you can do better. Still I keep saying to myself, under these circumstances I've done the best I can. One thing is for sure though, I'm gonna make bloody sure not to launch two albums and two tours at the same time again. When I look back at this summer, I do it with great pleasure though. Nice gigs, funny memories, tough rehearsals and (almost) no rain during our festival gigs. I mean things could have been a lot worse! I think I wrote in a blog a while back that this is the year of the dragon. It's certainly been the year of the dragon for me and by now I've really learnt to like it. Even though I was more or less dead both mentally and physically by the beginning of March and I didn't know what to think about either "Powerplay" or "Banks of Eden" back then. Today I feel very much alive and actually a bit proud to participate on two albums that are praised by both the fans and critics.

I know the albums are the most important thing in a bands career, since they'll be around forever and will be judged by everyone who's interrested. By now I guess most of you know that I prefer to play live than recording in a studio. To me, playing live as an artform is much more interresting and I'm dead serious about it. Especially nowadays when you "don't sell any records" anymore, it's more important than ever to have a winning concept. By that I mean, bring out the best in the band and try to hide the not so strong sides of the band. If you can manage to do just that and present a nice package (your package) to the might get successful after a while? The thing I can tell you about the "Powerplay tour", is that HFMC is still getting better for every gig and to me that's a sign of a band in good health. The thing I'm most happy with about the HFMC gigs, are the warm feeling, or atmosphere we've been able to create together with the audience, almost like an interaction between us. Thank you're the best!

By now my "purple days" are over and I'm slowly turning orange. I can honestly say that when it comes to the music, I'm not the least worried about the upcoming TFK tour. If you think of the gigs we've done so far (Sweden Rock Festival, Night of the Prog), according to me, it's like we've reached a new level - it's an intensity and hunger that hasn't been there before. With those gigs and the one in Gothenburgh now on saturday at Slottskogen goes Progressive and the rehearsals afterwards, I hope TFK will be able to serve you a musical experience far better than we've ever done before. At least there's one thing I'm sure of, the visual aspects of this tour are beyond everything in the history of TFK. Ladies and Gentlemen - this can not be missed! Join the movement...the orange revolution...witness something you've never seen before - The Flower Kings "Banks of Eden tour"







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