Highs and lows (and some inbetweens) 2012

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If the year almost started with a "crash", it definitely feels like it ended with a "smash". As I'm writing this it's the middle of December and I've just got back from a fabulous weekend in Moscow. Five days ago the last chords of 2012 rang out, in other words we did the last TFK gig for this year. To me this has certainly been a special year. How about two releases, gigs and tours almost hand in hand. For instance, for two weekends I played with HFMC on the friday and TFK on the saturday (or vice versa). As I always seem to remember the good stuff, looking back at it, the panic I had that I might forget all the lyrics or how to solve the logistics seem to be long gone. The stuff I remember now are the funny or maybe interresting discussions we had in the back of the bus, good gigs, great audiences etc. This year I've been playing (HFMC and TFK that is) in the following countries: USA, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland and Russia. "The Banks of Eden tour" will continue even next year. First off a visit to Japan and then a grandiose "double bill tour" with Neal Morse Band in Europe and God knows where else? Of course TFK is also confirmed for RoSfest 2013. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming gigs.

The "gigging season" started with three HFMC shows in USA in May. Even though the premiere gig at the prestigeous RoSfest turned out a little too "shaky" for my taste (premiere nerves?), all in all I'm happy with the gigs we did on "Powerplay", especially the gig at "The Night Of The Prog" festival in Loreley (Germany), which felt like the opposite to RoSfest. It was relaxed and we managed to capture that special warm feeling we do when we're at our best. In case you're curious about what happened during the HFMC gigs on the "Powerplay tour 2012", you can always go back to the studio reports (blogs). Anyway, this summer was festival season, where I managed to play at three of them with HFMC and three of them with TFK, with "Night Of The Prog" as the peak as I played there with both bands.

On September 2nd TFK entered the Red Car Nightrider together with a crew consisting of 4 persons and of course the driver. I'm not gonna go into detail about each and every gig but personally I think this was our strongest effort as a live act up until now. The playing was more stable and at the same time more energetic than previous tours. Our approach on stage as well as the projections made the visual experience of the band way better than before if you ask me. My top 3 TFK gigs (so far): Holmfirth, Budapest and Karlsruhe.
On board the bus this time we had an exceptionally crazy and groovy gang that guaranteed lots of "High quality" time on and off the bus. Of course some remarkable things happened during our miles on the road. For instance, the Air Condition broke down. Did that happen while we spent some cold September days in England? Of course not, it broke down while we were in Spain and Portugal with sunshine and 25-30 degees celsius. I know it isn't many of them but an outrageus scandal took place in in Leamington, England. Unfortunately (or maybe I should say fortunately) I was asleep but the stories I heard the day after can not be printed in black and white. A party to remember was the "Boys night out under a starry sky" with Pain of Salvation in Israel. It's hard to tell who won the "shot race", or maybe I should say hard to remember (but I actually think we all know who won!!!). Anyway, if I'm gonna make a sum up of 2012, I can only use the word FANTASTIC. After an extremely long blog I'm gonna leave you all with a short list of highs and lows starting with the low:

It have to be that the "Godsong" video didn't happen. The timing were awful but I was still determined to do it and we had fixed all the extra persons, "Priest clothes" the perfect place to shoot the video etc. Who knows maybe it was Gods way of telling us not to do it (the bad weather)after all?

1 - Antons double grip in Gettysburg
2 - Roines boobs on stage in Lissbon
3 - Some serious chart entries with TFK (Sweden, USA, Germany, Holland) and even some import charts with HFMC
4 - Festivals
5 - Getting off the boat in Gdynia (Poland) and the Policeman wants to check if I'm drunk while driving. He says: "Don't touch, just blow"





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