Back to Eden road report (testosterone)

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Here I am listening to "Nantucket Sleighride" with Mountain. In other words the perfect soundtrack to a blogpost about 19 male "carbon units" (to quote L), together on either the bus, the stage or rehearsals, 24/7 for almost 3 weeks. It's also not everyday the entourage you're travelling with are from Brazil, Texas, California, Nashville and further up north on the US eastcoast, Germany, Holland as well as some Swedes of course. With an age difference I'd say between 27-57, we were guaranteed to have an interresting conversation anytime of the day (or the night for that matter).

One of those little chats were held after the gig at La Trabendo in Paris. It was Neal, Roine, Walle and me who talked about recordings. It was very interresting to hear Neal tell us about The Flying Colors album (which I really like). For instance the way Peter Collins (producer) acted during the sessions. It was also nice to get to know Mikael (guitar tech "extraordinaire") a little better. Every now and then we discussed everything from Jägermeister, smashed guitars to life in general. I'd say the most discussed topics during this adventure though, was religion and drugs.

Felix is a maniac. Kind hearted and nice but still a maniac. For the hours Mike was awake, he seemed to be a crazy guy. Kind hearted and nice but still a crazy guy. What do they have in common? They play drums. If this whole trip was like an experiment in male bonding, the way these two Gentlemen bonded was like male bonding superior. In my world this bus was full of heroes, like for instance:

L - The king of the night time world
Walle - The viking
Mikael - Guitar tech with a 6th sense...always one step ahead
Edge - For keeping it all together
Roine, Neal and Thomas Waber - "for making things happen"

I want to end this little road report with some highs and lows, starting with the low.


Breaking the key to the bus (without a spare one) on my way to get the lads for the first rehearsal.


Lunch in t-shirt in a sunny Bordeaux (20c).
Ending up singing none of the stuff I prepared for the Transatlantic encore but other parts instead. Just as fun though.
The marvellous crowds throughout the tour.
To see the modest Steve Hacket in a small dressing room acting normal, together with the lunatics that made this tour happen, acting hmmm...not so normal.

Love to you all and keep the prog rocking!!!







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