TFK Studio report: "Kill your darlings"

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As a matter of fact we should have been in the studio right now but we managed to finalize the recording last saturday afternoon. I mean we're more or less 4 songwriters/producers and one hell of a creative drummer in the band. Still, before we left for Fenix Studios I could see ourselves struggling with the last pieces of the puzzle this evening. Yes I confess I was a bit skeptic of going into the studio with almost no written or finished material at all but I was proven wrong.

First 4 days of writing. The scenario could look like this. One of us throws in an idea of a theme, riff or plays a demo of a verse/chorus, then all of us rips it apart and starts to write a new song. For instance, Jonas presented a sweet and good sounding ballad * (verse/chorus). One hour later nothing was left of it and by the time we recorded it, we totally rewrote it again. With 4 pretty skilled writers in the band, all with different tastes you better be prepared because sooner or later your darlings will get killed.

The recording process took off like a dream. If Felix introduced himself in a positive way on "Banks of Eden", on this one he plays like if every song was his last. I think we managed to record 5 tunes the first 2 days but then all of a sudden the "musical flow" took a pause for one day. * By the time we got to the evening God knows how many versions of this certain song we had recorded, all while we were very impressed by the patience of our drummer. You know while we're trying to find the right chords and arrangement, Felix is mostly waiting and on a day like this we're talking hours and hours. By the time Tomas sat down behind the grand piano and in pure frustration wrote what imho might become one of the strongest moments on the album, I could sense that Felix had almost had it for the day. A couple of hours later when everything was starting to "fall into place", we realized the song needs a new ending. That's when he finally cracks and shouts: "YOU'RE INSANE...NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'VE HAD SO MANY DRUMMERS!!!...and then runs out of the studio. A couple of beers and whiskys later we were all laughing at the incident and looking forward to recording the rest of the songs. Except for maybe some minor struggles, we were back on track for the rest of the session.

Things to forget:

- To once again be dealing with the American working visas during a recording.

- Working like this, it's not easy to relax. Even while sleeping you were working and processing the songs.

Things to remember:

- The late night cooking and the late night dinners.

- When all 5 of us are focused and heading in the same direction. The power and the force of all involved makes you feel unbeatable.

At this point we have 73 minutes of music recorded. Three songs are more or less ready, except for the additional overdubbs/vocals etc (one of them being a 9 minute little tune written by Roine with all the classic TFK elements in it) and about 50% of the recorded music are just "skeletons". Meaning we don't have either melodies or lyrics. If I know Roine right, I guess he already has lots of ideas. However, this has certainly been a very interresting session and in about 7 month from now you'll all be able to feel the force!!!







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