The war is over (road summary)

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I don't even think we were nervous. Close to 5 years since the latest gig felt like yesterday before we entered the stage at Sweden Rock Festival almost a year ago. High quality rehearsals at Varispeed studios and our "new" drummer ace/madman Felix Lehrmann was probably 2 of the most important components that made our comeback gig a success. Since then we've played God knows how many shows in 3 continents. I've already given you "full blown" road reports (see previous blogposts concerning the Banks of Eden tour) so this will just be a brief summary.

It started as the "orange revolution" and it ended like a "psychedelic circus on drugs". I think we wore the orange outfits up until our shows in Japan in January (even though Tomas stopped using his after 3 weeks). Our days in Tokyo and surroundings turned out nothing but splendid. The gigs, the audiences were fantastic and we were treated like kings. Funniest moment was when Petter Sandström (Moon Safari) and me ordered 22 beers for a one hour session at the Karaoke bar in Roppongi (the one that's famous from the movie "Lost in translation"). You should see the look on the poor lads face behind the desk. What he didn't knew, was that 3 other Moon Safarians were coming as well as Jonas Reingold. Do I need to tell you we had a hillarious hour in our little cabin (cabin=typical for Japanese karaoke bars).

In May we very briefly visited USA and Canada for festivals and shows together with Neal Morse Band. During this trip I learnt one thing. Don't take anything for granted! We were actually this close to cancel RoSfest and maybe even the other shows because of Roines health. Somehow he/we managed to do them and in my humble opinion I think they turned out quite allright. By the way, in case you haven't heard...Roine is in Nashville right now recording with Transatlantic and as soon as he gets home, we have all of June to finish off the new Flower Kings recording (if he's strong enough that is?). Believe me, it'll not be a walk in the park since there's plenty left to do and many things are still "written in the stars". The final gig of "Banks of Eden tour 2012/13" were held in Quebec city, which actually is the city I did my first TFK concert. Except for some insane travelling our Canadian stay was fantastic, very much thanks to Michel and Denis. All in all we had a relaxed weekend, we were able to talk about how to continue the recording in the most effective way etc, as well as having some Molsons. I mean Jonas didn't only party first class he even travelled business class (Reingold Records must be doing good!!!) With the two "O' Doule brothers" taking the lead and with some guy supplying the German member with the goods, it's hard to not have a good time.

From now on there'll be 100% focus on the recordings for a while. First TFK and then in August we'll start to record the new still untitled HFMC album. I'll get back to you with info later on.







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