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photo by momodisson 2013.06.01. Uppsala

I don't mean to ruin the holidays for you by writing about 2013 in a negative way but honestly, 2013 has been a miserable year for me. Still, life has its ups and downs and I've decided to focus on the positive stuff, so here's some highlights:

2013 definitely started in major key with our trip to Japan for 2 sold out shows in Tokyo, or maybe I should say Kawasaki so that I'll get out of Japan alive next time. Playing in Japan means first class treatment and I can assure you that we were treated like kings. In my book the funniest thing during our stay was when I sat in this tiny restaurant, singing together with Moon Safari. If you have any doubt about their ability to sing in harmonies...forget it, they're first class! Anyway I could see that the staff looked a bit uncomfortable but that didn't stop the Safarians from singing and after a while I joined in on the Journey classic "Anyway you want it". Let me tell you, even Steve Perry would be jealous to have such singers behind him. Anyway, that was too much for the chef and the waiter who threw us out of the restaurant. Hehehe...isn't that cool? getting thrown out for singing!

In early March The Flower Kings teamed up with Neal Morse Band in a snowy Stockholm for rehearsals and a premiere gig at Bryggarsalen. After some small adjustments in the setlists, a more effective and faster working crew along the way, the tour turned out like a "well oiled" prog machine. With its wide range of charachters onboard, it was funny and interresting both on and off stage. I'd say there was at least one situation a day when you had to laugh your ...ss off. One of those actually happened on stage, when Wally the Viking took command. By now you know drummers are not like the rest of us, so if you think of that we had Mike Portnoy, the "evercrazy" Felix Lehrmann and the blond viking Walle Wahlgren (Agents of Mercy) onboard, I guess you realize what our hours on the bus was like.

The summer started with my daughter Malvinas graduation. A sunny and funny day with relatives and friends, where a proud dad could see that she ended up with MVG in every subject in Naturvetenskap (hmmm...is she really my daughter?). One week later I spent the early evening with my parents, helping them out making dinner and talking. Less than 3 hours later I got the phonecall. Just as I said, life has it's ups and downs. During the summer we started to prepare for the HFMC recording. It was mostly Ola and me who worked on the songs, with the result that a very relaxed and unprepared band entered the studio in the beginning of August. Those 4 days of recordings felt really good to me. The whole thing was captured on 2 cameras for a documentary later on and Thomas Schon has also filmed some of my vocal sessions. During this recording even Olas dad passed away, so if you think of that and my thumb (the last time I'm gonna mention it) maybe you realize why it took so long before we started with the overdubbs. Right now we're in the middle of the production and I guess all I can say is, so far so good.

The year 2013 ended as we started with a couple of TFK gigs. Since the last "Banks of Eden" gig in Canada in May and the first "Desolation Rose" show in December, it feels like a whole lifetime has passed. Anyway, after our show in Gothenburgh a spontanieous backstage party was held. I met long time friend keyboard player Rikard Zander (Solid Blue) who's now in Evergrey and Tiamat and it was total killer to chat with him after 5 years or so. I also met this very "Gothenburgish" guy who told me we met in 84/85. First in Uppsala and then on Gotland (a Swedish Island). He hang with Mickey Dee (now in Motörhead) back then and yes, I recall I did party with Mickey Dee a couple of times. Anyway, the guy told me he really liked the TFK show at Musikens Hus, still it didn't even come close to Spellbound. Yep...there you go. A "whole life" has passed and I'm back to square 1. Hey folks, enjoy the rest of the holidays and may you all have a fantastic 2014!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnJiRSLIfEw


14年ぶりのThe Flower Kings来日公演から始まった2013年でした。Hasseにとってはなかなかタフな年になってしまったようです。人生、良いことも悪いこともありますよね…。Hasseがご母堂亡くしたことは以前書きましたが、ドラマーのOla Strandbergもご尊父を亡くされたようです。父・Åke Strandbergは、Spellboundの2nd「Rockin' Reckless」で、Saxを吹いていました。私事ですが、プライベートな友人も、今年ご尊父を亡くし、そろそろ自分も、いつそういう境遇になってもおかしくないな…と、神妙になってしまいました。

「Rockin' Reckless」クレジット見て気づきましたが、このアルバムのプロデュースをしたVic Maileは、Motörheadの「Ace of Spades」などを手がけた人です。当時、Mickey DeeがMotörheadに居たわけではないですけど、面白い繋がりだなぁと思いました(言い換えると、こじつけ(笑))。

2014年には、HFMCの新譜が出るかな(わくわく)。もちろんTFKとしても、「Desolation Rose」ツアーの流れで日本に戻ってきて欲しいです!!






HP: http://spellboundjp.web.fc2.com/


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