TFK road report: "Axl Rose's birthday"

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We've had Christmas, New Year, Easter and a Transatlantic tour since the release of "Desolation Rose". If you think of the life we live today, that's more or less a lifetime.

After the first 2 shows, the ridiciously bad premiere gig in Uden (NL) with Knights Area and the very much improved second gig at the Progresiste festival in Soignes (Be), Lalle Larsson and Göran Edman jumped onboard the bus for 7 shows. Lalle joined us directly from a huge world tour with Arrival (the Swedish Abba tribute band). Lalle with his wonderful personality and funny jokes and the somewhat modest but easy going Göran immediately got into the groove with the help of the tour management (L:s) firm hand and the not totally sane German onboard. Apart from his sensationally good drumming, Berlin raised Felix Lehrmann has another big talent. That is to make people feel welcome. It doesn't matter if it's me, prince Charles or a young guy living in the favelas in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. He always serves you 100% Felix Lehrmann! Anyway, the ride went smooth up until we hit Spain, when the aircondition broke down (the perfect place for such a thing). Therefore the day off in Barcelona was just what the doctor ordered. Especially since Roine and the crewmembers Micke and Johnny (or Jennie) got hit by the flu. First off, lunch at a tapas restaurant, then we all spread out for the rest of the day. The constantly coughing Johnny and me went for a "monster walk" to the beach, had a beer in the sunshine before we walked the whole way back. After a late night dinner at a tapas bar and a little bit of mingle with Micke and Barni (crew) together with some Jameson at the hotel bar we crashed rather early. 3 Spanish shows later we were ready for the journey that would separate the boys from men - 1 250 km:s without a working air condition all the way up to Paris.

In Paris we got company by Sound of Contact, who was going to follow us for the rest of the tour. As we say in Sweden: "It's like buying the pig in the sack" = you never know what to expect. The whole thing turned out very good and we got along very well from day one. In fact the guys in the band proved to be more Swedish than we are, talking slow and quiet, being down to earth and almost shy. As you probably know by now we did the encore together. It's always fun to play, and to play classics like this is no exception from the rule. "Echoes" by Pink Floyd, "Soon" by Yes, "Cinema show" by Genesis and we even did "Tie your mother down" by Queen. Göran and Randy did a great job singing "Cinema show", the spaced out jam on "Echoes" turned out killer with some delicate guitar/keyboard battles between Randy, Roine, Lalle and Tomas. In my opinion the coolest thing was when Simon Collins joined us on drums for the powerful ending of "Cinema show", often together with all band members. Talking about it...before our first show together, Simon said to Felix just before we tried out "Cinema show" for the first time "I hope it'll sound okay"? The response from the ever charming German drummer was "'s too late for excuses man!

The flu
Broken down AC

Tour management
Black vikings
Felix bandana (everyday = Axl Rose birthday)
Micke, Barni, Johnny, Björn



 今回のツアーの特徴は、往年のプログレバンドのカヴァーを演奏したことでしょうか。"Soon"は過去何度か演奏してますし、"Cinema Show"はスタジオでレコーディングされています。しかしPink Floydの"Echoes"は意外でした。個人的には他のバンドの曲より、"Big Puzzle"が演奏された方が衝撃で寝込みました。ウワーン、見たかったよー!
 ご存じかとは思いますが、ツアーの後半からサポートを務めたSound of Contactには、Phil Collinsの息子 Simon Collinsが在籍しており、父親と同じドラムを叩いています。








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